Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yes! Zenon got the passport and they left immediately on the train to Kiev!!! They are finally on their way home! They are on the 10 hour ride on the train (overnight), will go to get the medical done, get the Visa in the American Embassy and take off on Thursday morning. We can hardly believe that they will be home in just two sleeps (Voss's way of counting the time until he gets to see his dad and new brother.) I almost don't want to relax yet. I mean, the Embassy could always blow up or somethi...OK, I won't even finish that sentence.

I think it is almost over. I think we are picking them up at the airport on Thursday. I forgot to ask the time they come in. Marty came into town today and we have already begun to plan the welcome home dinner and it WILL NOT be ANYTHING Ukranian!!

Anyone have any suggestions?

I wonder if he ever got to return the power cord?(ha)


Greg said...


Mexican Taco Cart!


Jennifer said...

OMG, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....so happy for you guys, you must be over the moon. Sure wish I was there to help welcome Zenon and Ruslan home.

I am sure Zenon will want anything to eat.


Lesya... said...


Marla said...

YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!! SO happy for you guys! I second the Mexican Taco idea...
the B's

Tim & Rita said...

Wonderful news! I know it has been a long road for you to bring Ruslan home.


brianna said...


Mexican food for sure.