Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Tuesday Feb 23rd.

There isn’t much to post at this point. Cindy’s clearance has been at the SDA for quite some time now and mine is???? Apparently the US government is much more efficient than the Canadian government.

I talked with Vitaly yesterday and he is concerned about changing the court date once again. This will be the second time he has had to change the court date (our latest appointment was for Feb 26th which we cannot make now). I asked him not to reschedule an appointment for now. Hopefully it will not be a problem to schedule a new court date once my clearance arrives.

I also voiced my concern about how Ruslan may be dealing with the delays. Vitaly said he had a conversation with Ruslan and he is fine with everything. It’s like our boy is with other people and we have no real way to communicate with him.

All this time back at home has been great to get things back in order. Between taxes and work there has been no time to do much. I for one haven’t had a chance to notice that we no longer have cable at home! Hopefully Ruslan feels the same way ;-). Voss sure has done a great job finding others things to occupy his time. Not that he was a couch potato but now he plays with his toys and acts like Peter Pan far more.

On another note, Voss is back to his self again! Between the uncertainty of our situation, deviation from his regular schedule, and spending all that time non-stop with his parents, he really wasn’t acting like himself. It’s amazing how sweet he is now that we have been back and settled for a month! He’s been an angel lately.

This morning Voss woke up with me before 6. We had breakfast together. He asked me why I was up so early. I told him that I am busy at work. He asked if I was working on the adoption to bring Ruslan home. Cute!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back for 2 weeks now


It's been 2 weeks that we have been back now. We spent 45 days away from home and none of us were sick once. Since we have been back Voss has a cough for a week and I picked up a stubborn sinus infection. Strange.

We are all caught up now it seems. Well, not way behind anyway. The lights still come on at night and the shower is warm in the morning. Best of all the internet still works. It felt like we were gone forever. Grandma really kept things in shape, especially Bessel who looks like she lost 5 lbs. It's amazing what a few walks will do for a dog ;-)

Some intersting developments as of late. Turns out that Ukraine has not paid it's passport book bill. The passport issueing company has ceased to send the books. All people in Ukraine waiting for passports are stuck. Imagine this, the interpol requirement did not happen and we finish the legal process. We go to get a passport for Ruslan and there are none availible. Ruslan and I are stuck in Ukraine, with nothing to do, for weeks on end. I am not sure that it would have been a good. So you see, everything does happen for a reason ;-)

Some good news I think. Dima emailed today and said that Cindy's clearance came in today. Mne did not. He said that Americans were processed first. Not sure if this means that mine will come in tomorrow or in 2 weeks. It's nice not to have these types of things consuming every waking minute! I am sure it will come soon.

Now we must cover the other bases: make sure that passports are availible, make sure that official paperwork is availible for the birth certificate, and find out if there are any other hurdles anyone sees on the horizon before we plan the trip back.

Lastly, we posted how we were able to buy some great things for the kids before we left. Well I have been given some more clothes, etc to take with us when we return. Additionally we have $200 more in donations to spend on the kids. We would really like to see if we can't keep this effort going and collect more donations. Once we have a good idea of what the total is then we will talk to the director to see what the kids need and go from there. Really, anything helps. The money goes so much further in Ukraine and anything little is much more than the nothing these kids have now.

You can send the money by clicking on the following link (you do not need an account to send $$, only a credit card - just click the link on the bottom left of the paypal page):

Thanks for all the prayers and support.