Saturday, January 16, 2010

What do you do after Ukrainian sushi?

We went for lunch at the Smile Cafe the other day. We were told it was a sushi place. We got the menu and it had lots of pictures in it (like Denny's) so we thought of ourselves as lucky and ordered some cool things...or so we thought.

Zenon picked the picture of a silver bowl with mushrooms and seafood and cheese. It looked good. Voss picked the chicken soup. Can't go wrong with Chicken soup. I picked a cool looking thing that sort of looked like a dumpling tied at the top with a bow.

So, let me tell you what we really ordered; Zenon- a strange seafood mix with all of the seafood he does not like (a.k.a mussels) topped with some creamy sauce. Yuck. Voss- Chicken soup. Good stuff. He is the only smart one of the group. Me- a crepe filled with kidney and liver stew tied at the top with a green onion. I took one bite. Yuck! How is that sushi?

Afterwards, we finally found the big park. Here we are having fun.

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