Saturday, January 30, 2010

We are home

We got home late Thursday night. It was sad to go through customs with just three people. Every hour that passed during our trip home felt like we were getting farther and farther away from our son- emotionally and physically.

We took the night train from Melitopel on Monday night, arrived in Kiev to finish the paper to the SDA and get the American Embassy papers taken care of. Then, we took the 3 hour journey to Voss's orphanage to visit for an hour. He doesn't really remember anything except what he saw in the old videos. When we walked in, we noticed a lot of new construction. The doors throughout the whole place were new and all the hallways were recovered with paneling. When we went up to the director's office, we ran into the nurses. They looked at Voss for a second and had to say his name a few times before they realized it was really him! They kept talking about how his face has nice color (I thought he was pretty pale since we have not seen the son for SEVEN WEEKS!) how healthy he was and the dark circles under his eyes were gone. His dark circles are a side effect of his kidney disease and he needs to drink a lot of water and take his vitamin sprays to get them under control. They were happy to see him and talked about how big his belly used to be and were making jestures like he used to be quite the serious one (no translator so we had a hard time understanding). Ha! Look at him now! At times, we can't get him to stop laughing. Love heals.

We were brought down to his classroom next. I was hoping his favorite teacher was going to be there so I could thank her for taking good care of him and nuturing him all that time. She was there!! She came out and looked at him for a moment with a confused look on her face. Then she recognized him. "Vasyl!" She was smiling and a bit teary eyed. At least, that is what it looked like through my teary eyes. She was amazed at how good he looked and how healthy he was. She kept grabbing for him, but Voss allowed only a short hug.

We went in and all the memories came crashing back to us. It was all pretty much the same layout, but there was all new furniture, paint on the walls, bright yellow wallpaper, a new kitchen with a stove, and TV. Wow, how is there this fancy orphanage here and Ruslan's is such a rundown mess? This must be where all the Ukrainian Nationals are brought to adopt babies. Another one of his old teachers were there and she showed me a photo of Voss that she still had on her cell phone! Over two years and she still had his photo in there! They showed us old photos from a few Christmases ago- right before we adopted Voss. He was not smiling in one of those pictures. He looked so tiny and sad and alone. Voss did not like living in the orphanage and it was detremental to his health. He is more emotional and living there was very stressful for him. The stress caused him to get sick which landed him in the hospital every 4 to 6 weeks. So, when looking at the old photos, I noticed that he was just not there some of the time. I figured he was in the hospital.

Voss sat down and had a snack with the kids. Of course, it was very dairy based, but he had the rice pudding and pushed the milk away. We took lots of pictures and played on the floor a bit. It was a really strange feeling being there again. The good news was that there were only 9 babies there. They all looked really healthy except for one.

With all of the improvements, we hope that Voss remembers the orphange with good feelings in his heart.

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joshnsd said...

I'm sitting here reading your blog for the first time since you left for the Ukraine. I'm all teary and upset. But like one person commented on a previous posting, it is all part of an incredible journey that can only end in a complete family. I'm amazed by you guys and your determination. I'm glad you are home and safe. Nessa, Spence and I would love to get together soon and talk about your experiences. Let's do a dinner again soon. Maybe you'll come over to our place and we'll cook you a big fancy dinner. Lots of love to you guys.