Sunday, January 3, 2010

Voss's Post

I love Marley because she sent an e-mail to me. When I go back to California, I will have a play date with her. I visit my brother at the orphanage every time. He's at our apartment right now. We buy food with him, we go to the cool park, and sometimes we take cool busses. We went to a show. It was a bit silly with all the girls. It was OK. It was an ocean king. I have never seen him. Santa wasn't there. He was busy. He got stuck in the business and couldn't come. That is why the ocean king (aka Neptune) came. He had a key and the witch had a key. I am going to stop for now.


Holley said...

Hi Voss,

We have been back at school for two days and miss you! All of your classmates had a great holiday with their family and friends. So did I. My family traveled to Northern California where there is snow. This made me happy because we all got to ski or snowboard.

Tomorrow in our classroom we will be making snow out of glue and shaving cream and creating an animal of our choice. Take care and we will all write you a note soon!
Love, Mrs. Calvo

The Issels said...

Wow, how do you make snow? That sounds cool. I love you and have a great day and have a wonderful day playing with the snow.

Holley said...

Hi Voss and family... I love you too Voss. This is how you and your family can make snow and then create something with it. After you create your "animal" or whatever, decorate it with anything. The glue lets it stick. So, you take shaving cream and elmers glue. Mix it up and then use a paint brush to put it onto art type paper. The thicker the better! I hope you get to try it. If not, when you get back I will make some for you. Tell your mom that is a bit more shaving cream then glue! Love ya! Holley