Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Night

I set the alarm for 5:00 am with a plan to wake up and do some work. After not being able to fall asleep I am aimlessly surfing the net and and losing another online tournament. I will try and update you with the latest trivial happenings.

On Tuesday we went to a new bowling alley to check it out. We heard there was good sushi. I was surprised that it was so good (maybe it's just my lack of variety has lowered my standards?). It was actually a Japanese style restaurant off the side. We went bowling afterwards, just Voss and me. I racked up a 109, and Voss was a little frustrated with his 42. I don't mind taking the win because I really don't think my 109 will hold up much longer.

The girl working at the alley spoke English pretty well. I was surprised of course but she said she lived in Minnesota and Florida for a year studying agriculture. She said she likes the US and doesn't like Ukraine. That was when Cindy perked up and joined the conversation ;-)

Yesterday we met with Vitali. He is frustrated with everything but still trying hard to see what he can do. We told him to use his charm to make things happen (he didn't know we were joking about the charm thing).

The elections are in full swing. There are booths set up on the sidewalks. There was an old lady getting literature from the USSR party tent, red flag and all. Maybe communism is on the ballot?

On the way home I stopped for a $3 haircut again. We then stopped for vegetables and chicken to make some chicken soup at home which turned out pretty good.

Today we rolled out at about 11 and made our way towards the little cafe Cindy found in the mall. We started out at the pharmacy and found the prescription cognac. Not sure yet what to do with it. Voss was excited when we got to the little mall because there was one of those toy machines with the mechanical arm inside. You know, the ones where you spend about $5 to try and pick up a $1 stuffed animal and always leave with nothing. Well his reward for having a good walk yesterday was to hit up the same type of machine at a different mall downtown. The problem is that a few days prior, when I turned my back for a minute, Voss jammed all the coins he had from his pocket into the machine trying to get more turns. Problem was that he was stuffing the equivalent of pennies into a quarter machine and jammed it up. He was upset when we went back there yesterday and the machine was out of order. Now you can understand why he was doubly excited at finding another working machine.

We hung out there for a while andthen over to our favorite restaurant for a bite to eat. On the way home we picked up a bunch of eggs because we are going to pick up Ruslan tomorrow for the weekend. Our last stop was at the convenience store for a few beer. Cindy went in and came back out after a few minutes with a disgusted look on her face. In the store she was grabbing the beer out of the cooler and knocked a can off the shelf and when it hit the floor it popped a leak. It proceeded to spray Cindy and the 4 people around her. It was funny hearing Cindy tell the story because I could see that she didn't get embarrassed. It was even funnier when she realized that she was charged for the can that fell and popped a leak!

I bought a subscription at an online movie site called megavideo. We have access to almost any movie now. Voss just watched HOOK the other night. Just before bed tonight he asked if he could go with Peter Pan to never never land if Peter showed up during the night. He was given the green light as long as he promised to return before morning.

It's now 12:45 and I will go turn off the alarm. Seeing as it is my turn to wake up with Voss I will have a 6:30 wake-up call anyhow. the way keep the comments coming. We look forward to reading them.


Anonymous said...

Voss just wants to go home with Peter Pan (Encinitas), but, of course, return to you, mama and tato (in God's country). Cindy, I am surprised that you did not tell everyone that a beer shower is very traditional in the U.S.A. Keep up your blogs. Thank you so much for all the air time you have prepaid, so we can talk and commiserate with you. Love from Mom (Baba) and Dad (Dido) who is currently in Mexico with Chocha Chris. Don't we just love them right now!!!

Alan said...

Your can story reminds of a story of ours. After our adoption we were on a Lufthansa flight from Borispil to Frankfurt early in the morning. I was sitting in the aisle seat and had an unopened can of ginger ale on my tray when one of my children finished their snack and tried to put their tray on top of mine and knocked the can off onto the floor. It must have hit just right because it punctured and proceeded to start spraying everyone in our vicinity. I raced to grab it but I was buckled in and my tray was down and I couldn't reach it, plus the pressure was pushing it around the floor. I felt like dying. Some kind soul quick grabbed a plastic sack he had and was able to corral it in there. We had a fun next 15 min. trying to get cleaned up.

Zenon said...

Eww, sticky for the whole flight?! After the spray stopped, I actually told everyone that they should have stuck their tongs out to get a sip of the drink. The two guys laughed and the woman who had to clean it up sort of rolled her eyes. I left abruptly after that comment.