Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shopping in Ukraine

Grocery shopping is our big event for the day. It is one of the few things to do in this town. Zenon does not have a problem eating meat while we are here, but I- on the other hand- have gone vegetarian for the time being. After several attempts at buying what I thought was cream for my coffee, Zenon finally brought home the real thing. First time was sour cream, then buttermilk, then buttermilk again, then goat something, and finally cream. I hope we can find it again. At least we have figured out the difference between ketchup and tomato paste.

As Zenon mentioned earlier, the ladies down at the corner store have been all up in our business (head bob, snap to the left, snap to the right). I like my privacy so I am forced to walk a Ukrainian block to one of two stores (1 Ukrainian block = 2.5 Leucadia blocks or 5 to 6 city blocks). The lack of red meat or any meat has caused me to get a little dizzy (just kidding mom) during these walks, but I would rather not have ten women giving me the laser stare and attempt to talk to me when all I want is a dozen eggs and go home.

A few notables;
- The pharmacy here sells brandy. It's prescription strength so, it's good for you.
- the price of candles quadruple when there is a power outage (which we had the other day)
- frozen chickens are three times more expensive than fresh chickens
- a huge bag of organic tomatoes cost 80 cents
- anyone can sell anything on the sidewalks near the market. So, if you happen to have a cow you just slaughtered and can't eat the whole thing, bring your axe, your big cutting log, and the leftover cow and cut it right in front of your customers. Now that is fresh meat!

This is what it looks like when we go shopping everyday. There are a few photos that are a bit blurry because I try to take them quickly without anyone seeing me. The video I was able to take on the sly with the Ipod.
The market
AWWWW, come on! Who can eat a burger after seeing this!? Blood, hooves, fur, bloody axe!
The butcher
The fish stand
Who can guess this type of fish? Looks like something I saw in Nemo... with the light that hung in front of his face to attract Nemo and Dora.
The food here is quite ..... beige... with some splashes of red here and there.
Shopping trip at the market and then the big supermarket


jzwartendijk said...

Mmmmmm....looks good.....not!!!! I love grocery shopping but that looks like a huge turn off for me. Anyway, had a dream that David and I were in LA and Kiev was only about 20 miles away so we went over to see you guys. We were hanging out in a big building waiting with you to hear the news about bringing Ruslan home. He was in the dream as well and he and Voss were playing and goofing around. We went to get some pizza at some point and then back to the building to wait for the news. I have to say, it was very realistic and I wish we were there for moral support. Can't wait until you come home, which I hope will be very soon.

Much love going your way.

Jenn, David & Noah

Anonymous said...

Wow-that is really a trip! It is so interesting to see. I was thinking of you during the holidays, but was not able to use the computer until today. I'm so glad things are working out. Hang in there!