Saturday, January 9, 2010


Whoever posts all the correct results first, OR whoever posts the most correct results will win a special prize from Melitopol (delivery TBD): post in comments section:

(rules: limit 1 entry per person. Some of these answers may be in previous posts, some not. Some answers will be complete guesses. Promised prize to be well worth the effort!)

1) How many eggs does Ruslan eat on average each morning? (answer is not 1 dozen)

2) Our favorite restaurant serves a specialty, what is it?

3) How many bowling alleys have we found in Melitopol?

4) What is Voss's new favorite thing to do?

5) What is the name of our Melitopol Facilitator?

6) What is the name of our Kiev Facilitator?

7) What kind of cheese has Cindy found that she tries to eat in a salad every night?

8) Which of the following is the Russian word for Potatoe?
a) Potatoeshka
b) Hryvna
c) Cartoshka

9) What superhero movie did we buy yesterday (in Russian) for Ruslan to watch in San Diego?

Quiz closes Friday at 10 pm.


jzwartendijk said...

Okay I really want to take your quiz but I just saw it and the closing date was Friday at 10. I have been reading this blog daily and I don't recall seeing it before today (Sunday). So does that mean next Friday the polls close????? I am up to the challenge!

Oh, did I mention today was going to be around 78?

No fur required!!!! Sorry!!


The Issels said...

Friday the 15th at 10 PM. Be there or be square!

brianna said...

Geez...this is getting sort of competitive now.

brianna said...

1) Ruslan eats 6 eggs on average each morning. Also likes tangerines, and mounds of dumplings.

2) "Hamburger" Mush with cellophane wrapping.

3) One bowling alley with attached dinner club and anti sock recycling policy.

4) Pretends like he doesn't speak English and instead strings together all his Russian words and expects a response.

5) Vitali

6) Dima

7) Please tell me it is not head cheese. (google it).

8) Cartoshka. I cheated and used google, but it took me three days to figure out the answer, so I think I should still get credit.

9) Since you are living in 2002, my guess would be Spiderman.


The Issels said...

Funny Brianna! Head Cheese is probably my favorite thing ever and Cindy won't even venture in the same room with it.

Mike said...

Guess I gotta mix it up a bit, since Brianna pretty much nailed it.

1) 6

2) Spaghetti and meatballs

3) Two

4) Copy everything Ruslan does

5) Vitali

6) Dima

7) Goat cheese

8) Cartoshka

9) The Hulk

Breezy. said...

Hi. I'm going to take some guesses.
1. "About" a dozen ;)
2. Pizza
3. 3
4. Copy his big brother and Scooter around
5. Vitali
6. Dima
7. Ukrainian Cheese Curds
8. Cartoshka
9. Iron Man

Matt and I love reading your blog. You are all in our thoughts.
Bree (soon to be Schultz)

jzwartendijk said...

Okay, here are my answers:

1. around a dozen (I didn't cheat from the previous comment either)
2. Pizza
3. 3
4. Something w/chocolate wrappers
5. Vitali
6. Dima
7. Goat
8. Cartoshka (didn't use google but the German word is kartoffelen so I just took a guess)
9. Iron Man

May the best man win!!!! ; )