Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quiz Results

Awesome! Quiz is now closed. Here are the answers:

1) 6 eggs
2) pizza, not the mayonnaise kind (cilantanos is the only place that serves something that resembles american food)
3) 3 bowling alleys. It was also confirmed that Melitopol has only 3 bowling alleys so we have seen them all.
4) Speaks Russian
5) Vitali
6) Dima
7) Feta cheese
8) Cartoshka
9) Spiderman

Brianna = 6
Mike = 4
Bree = 5
Jennifer = 5

So to summarize. Brianna wins! ....and Mike comes in last place. The good news is that everyone wins something nice from Ukraine, a bottle of medicinal cognac. ...and Briana wins an additional prize tbd.

By the way, congratulations on the engagement Bree.


jzwartendijk said...

Congratulations Brianna, well done. I do think I would like to contest the answer to my first question as it clearly states in one of the posts that Ruslan eats "almost" a dozen eggs. I combed over the posts for a few hours.....uggggghhhhhh. Loved all of the video, are the puppies up for adoption as well??? I must say, it looks cold and miserable there, I much prefer SoCal. Bad weather moving in for the next couple of days if that makes you feel any better. So keep the chins up, fingers crossed and positive thoughts. We are as well.

The Z3 family

brianna said...

Why thank you! I'm so excited to see what the mysterious prize will be.

We're continuing to think of you guys and hoping that things look up soon! Let me know if you need anything from home.

Mike said...

Medicinal Cognac! Awwww yeah!

The Issels said...

You have a point there Jennifer. Because of the confusion, you get TWO bottles of medicinal cognac!