Friday, January 15, 2010

The orphanage

I took some video of the orphanage since I figured some of you would be interested to see what it looks like. Notice the lack of outdoor entertainment? We would like to purchase some playground equipment and basketball nets if anyone would like to pitch in. We are looking into the costs now.

The drive to the orphanage

The entrance

The school

Box the orphanage dog

The cafeteria

Cute boys

Living quarters

In the directors office for the usual cognac, pickeled green tomatoes and chocolate breakfast

Orphanage puppies


Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing all of the videos!! Thanks for letting all of us be a part of this journey with you!

Anonymous said...

We know you are bringing home a son, but how many puppies?

brianna said...

I loved seeing the orphanage. Thank you so much for sharing. My favorite video by far is the one where you snuck into the school and videotaped the inside of the classroom through the crack in the door. The best part though was when Ruslan came running up to give you a hug before he realized the video was on him. So sweet it made me tear up a bit. Also, Marley is a bit concerned about the clip of the living quarters and she also noticed the lack of playground equipment before I even read that part to her.

"Dear Voss, I hope you're having a great time. What was the guy mad at? I hope he wasn't mad at you guys. Why is there no playground outside? Do you play inside instead? How are you doing? I really miss you. I was thinking about you in my mind. I hope you come back in my heart.

Love, Marley"

PS- No joke, she actually said all that verbatim. :)

Alexis and Merideth said...

We'd love to contribute towards some outdoor play equipment. Let us know how to get you the $$. - Erik & Andrea

Lesya... said...

Thanks for the videos, guys.

Mike said...

We'd love to help out with some $ for some play equipment!

By the way, nice work with the Russian Zenon! Another Rosetta Stone success story!

Marla said...

Thanks for the videos! I love that Cyn was undercover in the school! Those boys are so cute I can hardly stand it.

What was that guy yelling about?

Peyton and Drew would love to help those kids get some play equipt...just tell us how to help!!??

Rita said...

That is soooo Cindy - sneaking into a school w/ a video camera. I'd like to see you try that in Cali. I am suprised you didn't just walk into the classroom.