Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve

We went for pizza in the afternoon yesterday. It started to rain. A little at first andthen a full downpour. It's nice to walk in the rain.

The pizza place was closing early at around 1. When we arrived they recognized us as English speakers and did their best to tell us that the pizza station was closed. I feel very comfortable with my Russian now. I have been practicing. I ordered 2 beers, 3 salads, a desert and some juice. They brought us 2 borchts, 4 rolls of bread, juice and a desert. Back to the drawing board.

Cindy and I have been nominated for worst parents of the year. When at the local store on New Year's Eve, where the bread lady always corners me and asks questions in Russian for half an hour, I was told that the gift giving portion of Chrsitmas is actually celebrated on New Year's Morning. The kid's wake up with presents under their pillow or under the tree (Yolka). She was very disappointed when I said we had not put up a christmas tree. How come no one told us that this was the case here? I thought we'd get a tree in a few days for Ukrainian Christmas on the 7th.

We woke last night at midnight with fireworks exploding everywhere. We are living in the middle apartment building in a cluster of 6 story buildings. I felt like we were about to witness something from a "When things go wrong" video. People were launching fullblown Roman Candles from their balconies and in the courtyards everywhere. I was ready to have everyone run out of the apartment in the event something went wrong.

This morning we heard Santa and a helper walking the courtyard and yelling to the kids. In fact, we all heard a knock at the door ;-) and Santa left 2 scooters for the boys! Voss is outside with Cindy riding his and Ruslan is here with me right now.

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Anonymous said...

Father and son definitely resemble each other! Must be those same personality traits! Love, Baba