Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meeting in Berdansk

I know some of you are waiting to hear the news and we are still waiting as well. The meeting was held yesterday and the approval letter was faxed to Vitali. We are just waiting for the mayor's signature and then it will go off to theSDA in Kiev this evening. We hope to get the court date today. Hopefully, it will be as soon as next week. I am hoping for tomorrow...but there is no chance of that I am sure.

It snowed here so we were actually able to do somthing a little different today...go for a walk with Voss's sled. We made it to the (stinky) internet cafe and then who knows what adventures will come our way today. All three of us are starting to talk like Eyore (sp? from winnie the pooh). Hopefully we can snap out of it.

Thanks for everyone who has called, e-mailed and put comments into our blog. We don't feel so alone over here.


Lesya said...

Good to hear things are moving along, Z&C!! I have a good feeling you guys will be back in SD before you know it. All of this is worth it.
Пожалуйста принесите мне назад некоторые вкусные украинские сигареты.
Love, love, love,

Alan said...

I know the feeling... We had it too. Soon this will all be a dim memory. Blessings to you!

Greg said...

HI HI HI... if its any consolation, its miserable here this week. Lots of rain and wind and cold.