Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good morning

Voss is the only early riser out of everyone. First light does not start until just after 7. This morning I made him go back to bed (sit in his room with games) at 5:30 and wait for the sun. He wasn't happy about it.

It's just him and me at the kitchen table and it's alomst 8. There is a fresh dusting of snow outside, but it seems to be evaporating by the minute.

Yesterday, we made the hour walk downtown where Cindy and Voss found a play at the local theatre. Ruslan and I waited outside until the rain started then we went into the bowling alley and waited some more for the only pool table. Ruslan really likes his scooter and could probably ride it all day long if he had too. The only problem is that after 2 days the rear wheel is already bent at an angle and 1 more solid jump from becoming inoperable. Let's hope it holds out.

Before making it to the theatre, we stopped for lunch at Auto Pizza. It almost had the feel of burger joint so I thought, "What the heck, let's try a burger." Voss and Cindy opted for a pizza while Ruslan rode his scooter outside (He wasn't hungry after his 6 egg and anything else he could get his hands on breakfast). I was excited about the burger. The waitress brought our tray. The pizza was already cut into slices and put on 2 plates. I had to unwrap my microwaved burger from the saran wrap. I am not sure what classified this thing as a burger!? If I was to put a heading on the menu it would have read "paper thin chicken fried steak on a mushy bun with mayonnaise oozing from the sides." The pizza was better because the mayonnaise didn't drip of all over your hands when you took a bite ;-)

Cindy and Voss found us in the bowling alley, still waiting. Ruslan was tired of waiting so we decided to make the walk back home since the rain was holding up. I have to give Ruslan alot of credit. When he came to visit in San Diego, he became easily frustrated and impatient. I am sure it helps that I know some Russian now (so he knows what we are doing and when we are doing it) but he also seems to have a different temperament.

Voss is doing well with everything. It is a stressful time for him. Structure and whatever semblence of a routine we can adhere to is the key to everything. For instance, his regular routine is dinner, straight to the shower where I help him get ready for bed, read a book, stay with him for a few minutes before leaving him to sleep. 2 nights ago he wanted to let Ruslan have a shower first, then wanted to shower by himself like Ruslan. After that it was 5 minutes of tv with Ruslan. After that it was complete chaos for 2 hours. Where he normally is fine in his room at 7, he was out of control in and out of his room till 9. We got back to the routine last night and all was well. He is just like his dad because he likes his routine! Other than that the boys are really playing together often and playing together well.

So where from here? More waiting. Cindy admitted yesterday that her tolerance for our surroundings has deteriorated. Not a good thing. We are trying to see when the first opportunity to have Cindy and Voss return home would be and I will remain to complete the remainder of the adoption. This may be possible after the first court date, but may also have to be after the second court date. We did confirm that I can complete the paperwork at the american embassy (the last step) as a Canadian citizen which is a step in the right direction. ....but the other pacing item is my "back to work date" which is currently scheduled for February 1st. I believe it would be possible to extend this date and I may have to start looking into that. Depending on that it may be the other way around where Cindy stays and I return ;-)

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