Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going Native

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Used humorously, to go native means to take on some (or all) of the culture traits of the people around you, often said of people who go to foreign countries or far away cities. These traits may include dress, language, accent, etiquette, religion, etc.

Important: The common use of the phrase does not have anything to do Native Americans.
1: When he visited China he loved the culture so much that he disappeared and went native.

2: Better keep her away from the village. She might just go native on you.

(Copied from the Urban Dicionary)
The other day, I was joking with Zenon that we are going to "go native" soon and, well, it has actually happened. Today, we all resembeled the locals; Voss walked around talking as loudly as possible on the cell phone, Zenon (the jean snob) actually bought a pair of Ukrainian jeans and was sporting them all over town (he was
forced to buy a pair since one of his two pairs was completely ripped after the snowball fight at the orphanage), and I bought a pair of fur-lined high boots.
I even stopped by the fur supply store to pick up some fur bling for family and
friends back home. I considered pimping out Zenon's Northface coat with a fur
collar, but they just didn't go together. Zenon thought it would be fun to give
Voss the "Ukrainian mullet" haircut, but I will never go THAT native. Let me explain the Ukrainian Mullet....totally shaved with the half inch clippers with the exception
of a thin row of long hair at the nape of the neck and thin bangs about to the mid-forehead. It is the same haircut Voss had when we first met him (you can check
out our old posts from his adoption to see what I am talking about.) We walk
around with serious looks on our faces. And when someone stares at us, we stare right back and don't look away. We even get excited to go out for meat pockets!
Ugh! Get us out of here before it is too late!

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