Saturday, January 9, 2010


We continue our social observations here in Ukraine. Due to some recent observational activity of Melitopel culture, a couple of our questions have been answered today.

Question #1. What type of business is the one around the corner where there is always a frenzied type of line inside the store and -one day- a large frenzied crowd waiting outside as well?

It was the butcher shop. People have been going there to get their Christmas Turkey. They must run out of turkeys at some point in the day and people try to get there early on the days of the delivery to secure their Holiday Turkey.

Question #2. How does every woman afford a fur coat? Every woman has some fur on them somewhere; coats, hats, boots, collars, around the hood. Most are wearing a year's salary of fur on their person. How is this possible? Are they just really good savers? And how is it that I have never seen the same coat twice? They are all different.

I found a fur supply store today at the mall. On one of the larger racks is a row of all types of animal pelts for sale. For a small amount, you can buy our animal pelt and have a coat made for you. You get to pick the fur, the hood, the collar, and the style. Or, go get a coat at the market for cheap and add the fur collar. Several pre-made collars were available for sale and you just sew it on to whatever coat you have. Or, you can buy fur by the yard (about two to three inches thick) and you sew it on to the arm cuffs and around the hood of your $30 coat (a very popular style). Don't forget your hat! You can buy a fur pom pom for the top of your knit ski hat. If you are on the less creative side, you can buy a fur coat all made and designed for you. A cute waist length full fur, with big fur hood, is around $125.00. For a leopard print one with a little more style, $225.00! I personally liked the full mink trench coat. I think it was the most expensive in the store and I didn't want to touch it to look at the price or I would have had five Russian speaking sales people on me trying to get me to buy it. Ukrainians are very good sales people. I bought a necklace and tablecloth today that I didn't really want, but I was not leaving their stores empty handed! I did not want to get talked into a full mink coat too.


Rita Wiese said...

Oh Cin - if you find a cheap Russian fur cap - I am interested in that. Not that I would wear it much in Phoenix, but I think it would be a great souvenier! Continued good thoughts to you and the fam! Rita

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