Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Following Mom's Advice

We are taking our Mother's advice and not saying anything if we have nothing nice to say. If we were to say what is on our minds, it would be a post with a four letter word in between every word along with more swear words. The holidays are over and the reality of our situation here has hit us again like a ton of bricks. It was really hard to be positive yesterday and we are trying to get more information today. I hope to post some good news later. Again, please send positive thoughts.

It's not as bad as it sounds though. We expected to have some paperwork completed on Monday or Tuesday but have been told that it will not be addressed until the 20th. No other steps can be completed before this next step is completed. Therefore we are delayed another 2 weeks. At this point we are trying to understand how to coordinate this with work. I may have to travel back to San Diego to work for a few weeks and come back for the important court dates.

Voss has a book and it has my favorite story in it. It is about an old Chinese farmer. One day the farmer's horse runs away. His neighbors come by and say to the farmer "oh, such bad luck you have" The farmer replies "maybe".
The next day the horse comes back and brings with it a wild stallion. The farmer's neighbors see this and say to the farmer "oh, such good luck you have". The farmer says "maybe".
The next day the farmer's son breaks his leg trying to ride the wild stallion. The neighbors say "oh, what bad luck you have". The farmer says "maybe".
The next day the army travels through conscripting all the able young men from the countryside. The farmer's son is spared since he is not capable to fight with his broken leg.

So it's not always a bad idea to try and look past the bad news and hope the good won't be far behind.


Stephanie said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Stay strong!!

Anonymous said...

Stay focused. You have the right attitude. Remember "there is nothing bad that doesn't turn into something good", which sums up your little Chinese tale, and your current situation. Our hearts are with you. Sending lots of POSITIVE THOUGHTS, hugs and kisses.
Love, Mom

Mike said...

Keep your chins up Issel family! We'll be praying for you and that things progress as quickly as possible. Also, let me know if there's anything I can do from SD to help out.

I love that story!

brianna said...

Sending huge positive thoughts and prayers to you all.

Love, Marley, Bri and Casey

Anonymous said...

Love you guys. Sending so many good vibes your way!
Lesya & Jim....

Anonymous said...

Your writing is incredible...I don't even know who's writing most of the time, and I feel like I'm right there with you, going through all of the ups & downs every step of the way. I am thinking only good thoughts for all of are all so adaptable...very impressive!! Sharon

Zenon said...

Well Sharon, the really good stories are mine, and the ones with a lot of grammatical errors are Zenon's...Just kidding! Thanks for all the great comments. We feel like everyone is here with us pulling for us. It is so hard to be away from friends and family, especially during this time. Phone calls are delayed and always hang up at least once during the conversation.So, thank you to those who have called!