Saturday, January 23, 2010

Donations put to good use

We went to the orphanage yesterday to break the news to Ruslan that we were going to have to go home without him. The smile left his face and he looked a bit sad. His friends started to ask questions and I heard him say something about documents and then it looked like he was telling them that it was going to be OK. He was comforting them! He is probably used to being let down by life all the time, so he bounced back pretty quickly and told us to come with them to play ping-pong ball.

A month ago, we asked the boys what they had to do here besides TV and they said they have a ping-pong table but no raquets or balls. Thanks to an early donator (who gave me $ before we left to go get the kids at the orphanage something) they now have ping-pong balls and raquets. The room was packed with kids watching and playing.

Today, we were really excited to go to the sports store and pick up the basketball net and all the balls. Since we had gotten a lot of donations, we were able to get a whole lot more than we originally planned. Here is what we were able to purchase; the basketball net set-up, 6 basketballs, 4 soccer balls, 2 volley balls, a couple of cat's cradles for the girls, a gymnastics mat, a couple domino games, a chess set, 4 more ping pong paddles with balls, socks (lots of wool socks), tights for the girls (they wear them under their pants for warmth, and a birthday cake for Vadeem, one of Ruslan's best friends. The kids were not just excited they were in SHOCK! They could not believe they had just gotten all of this good stuff! Kids were similing everywhere!

Thank you all very much for helping us do that today! It was a fun day!

Due to the recent developments, we will be leaving for San Diego in the next few days. We will not be able to allocate any more donations between now and then. We just want to say thank-you for all the support and if you would like to donate either clothes or money then we can put them all to good use when we return.

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