Friday, January 22, 2010

Donate to the Orphans

We quickly reached our goal andthen some. THANK-YOU! Please see the Newer post. Please don't feel obligated to donate, but if you do know that it will be put to good use upon our return.


Our initial plan was grand. We thought we could put together a plan to build a full playground. After a little research and some unreturned emails we decided to scale back a little bit. We talked with the director and he was ecstatic at the thought of installing an outdoor basketball net. Furthermore we noticed that a lot of the orphans clothes are old and could use replacing. We deicided a focus on the basics would be the best way to start: socks and underwear.

So in response to everyone's reply to help out we have the following goal(buying the equipment is better than donating $$ because you never really know where it goes):

Basketball net, backboard, balls and pump - including installation (director mentioned he can get it installed) est $200

Socks and Underwear: $100

....and depending on how things go we have seen a few other things that would be great for the kids (they have absolutely nothing to do but watch tv). There is a contraption that would be great for exercise including chinup bar, benchpress, etc, etc. Also mats, heavy bag, boxing gloves would be a possibility (maybe not). We'll see how things go.

So our initial goal is $300. Please donate what you can, even if it is $5. You can send the money by clicking on the following link (you do not need an account to send $$, only a credit card - just click the link on the bottom left of the paypal page):

We will keep a running total in the blog and also take pictures of the equipment once it is purchased.


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