Thursday, January 21, 2010

Court Date

We finally got the approval from Berdansk. It was touch and go for a day, but Vitali worked it out and made it happen. What? Don't we sound excited? We will be excited when we are in the airport in San Diego! As far as our court date...we were told that it is next Friday. Hopefully, that date will stick. There is always that chance that it will change. We are happy to finally get the preliminary date, but frustrated when we worked out how much longer we will have to stay here.

Zenon took one for the team yesterday when he didn't tell me anything about the phone call he had with Vitali on Wednesday night (he is the best husband). I guess Vitali was very worried that we did not get the papers and was thinking that we might not get them ever! Poor Zenon waited until 2: 30 the next day to finally call Vitali to see if he had any news. Vitali was supposed to call in the morning, but I guess he decided that he would make us wait until he was done with all the paperwork for the day. We would have waited until 6PM! When Zenon got him on the phone, he was in a great mood at the orphanage finishing all the paperwork. Nice. Thanks for giving Zenon an ulcer Vitali.

(Note to anyone adopting from here in the one wants to talk about future good possibilities. They really focus on all the bad things that could happen. I mean, why get your hopes up? This is a country filled with people with little hope.)

So, we will see how things go tomorrow. I think me and Voss will leave by the 31st. Zenon will finish up here with Ruslan. He drew the short straw.


Anonymous said...

You will be okay. We love you, and know that your perseverance, faith and love will get you thru this. Read my email. Who wouldn't want such loving and fun and crazy parents such as both of you? The rest will happen, just hang in there. Love, Baba and Dido

brianna said...

Phew. Glad you have your court date.