Saturday, January 9, 2010


Every time I turn around, someone is giving Voss some chocolate. One of the women at the orphanage gave him a few chocolates (without asking me....they don't bother asking the parents here) and I found him facing a corner, chowing down on chocolate! He had chocolate all over his face, as grandma will attest to the fact that Voss always has food on his face. At the time, I thought it was only one chocolate, but later I found AT LEAST 5 chocolate wrappers in his pocket.

Voss is allergic to milk. He gets a very "strong" reaction when he drinks it. Has anyone ever seen Gremlins? Yeah, this is similar to what happens to Voss when he drinks milk. Eating chocolate is close to drinking milk for him. He gets wild and starts biting (I am not kidding). If I would have thought of it, I would have had our translator write a big sign to tie around Voss's neck that says, "Do not feed me chocolate or I will bite you."

One day, me and Voss decided to make an art project with all the wrappers and papers from boxes of chocolate. Here is Voss's mask. He wore it around all day outside. That was all we needed...people having another reason to stare at us. But at least they were not staring at me so much.

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brianna said...

Love the mask. You are so creative!