Friday, January 8, 2010

The Boys

Our boys are doing great.

Ruslan is getting to know us and - I think- starting to trust us. He is really funny and does silly things and just waits for us to look at him and laugh. He eats about a dozen eggs a day (is that ok Marla?) and can down about 25 meat dumplings in a sitting. A bag full of tangerines lasts about a day and a half and roasted chicken?....well, don't get too close after you put him in front of one! We went to a cafe yesterday and he even came inside with us to sit for a second! Then, he went back outside to stand guard again. One of these days he will come in and sit with us and drink or even eat something. Considering where he has been for the last 6 years, he is doing better than expected. We have to take him back to the orphanage on Monday to start all the paperwork and court proceedings. It is going to be really strange here without him. He is totally cute. He let us know that he wants to get a hamster when we get home.

Voss misses his friends. The other day, he told me he wants to "go to Aunt Janet's house to have some vitamin water, because I haven't visited in a while and she always has good drinks at her house." He also drew a picture for his friend Dirk and has planned a playdate (in his head) with our neighbor, Noah. When we were out for a walk the other day, he noticed that a lot of kids were walking with their grandparents. He would make comments like, "Oh, is that his grandma? He looks happy," and, "Look at him. He get's to walk with his grandpa. I want to walk with my Dido." I asked him if he missed his grandmas and Dido and he got kind of quiet. He was either really sad or pretending that he can't understand English anymore since he speaks Russian now. That is his new favorite thing to do. He will put all of his Russian words together in one sentence and tell me I have to respond in Russian. He will say, "yes no good no thank you no your welcome," and wait for me to respond to it. He was talking in his sleep the other day and started to say "yes" and "no" in Russian. Maybe it is starting to stick?He really misses Bessell too.

Together, they are starting to bond. They share everything pretty well. They try to talk to each other and there are a lot of misunderstandings. Of course, Voss wants to do everything that Ruslan does and follows him around everywhere. Ruslan gets a bit annoyed sometimes. I walked into the living room the other day when they were watching TV and they were sitting on the couch with their arms around each other. It was really cute.

Now, let's get this process moving and get the hell out of here!

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Marla said...

So cute! I am catching up on my favorite blog...I think a dozen eggs is great! Especially if he is going to start bodybuilding :-) LOL!! Glad you guys are hanging in there! We can't wait for you to return!