Monday, January 18, 2010

Boeuf Bourguignon

OK, so things here have really hit a new level on the boring scale. Cindy fired up "Julie and Julia" last night, a movie about Julia Childs (about as exciting as it sounds). Today we scrambled together all the ingredients for Boeuf Bourguignon, with the exception of thyme, and the concoction is sitting in the oven right now. It took a half hour alone to find just the beef stock in the grocery store. I was on my own because the women working there had no idea what I meant when I said "do you have any beef juice". It gave us something to do today.

Henry, our cab driver, has been calling twice per day for the last 3 days. Tomorrow he will be picking us up to take us to a religious ceremony. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the baptism of Christ. He is pretty excited about taking us. When he calls he yells into the phone. I have to yell back in engrussian so he can hear me. Cindy says I talk to loud but I am just trying to fit in.

Voss has become a selective listener. Cindy believes he is done with being here. That left me as the lone holdout who didn't mind our surroundings.......until yesterday. I am finally done too. One of the things that got to me was that I started getting B.O.. It's not right. It must be the food or something. The other thing was finally realizing that we are in a part of Ukraine that has no Ukrainians, only Russians.

We bought Voss a stuffed cow that sings a Russian lullaby, and he named it Marley. He really misses his friends. In the butcher shop, we noticed that he was wiping his eyes a lot and then realized he was crying. He really misses his grandma today. I think he is a little tired of us and would like a change of scenery.

So here is the latest. We went on Friday to pick up Ruslan from the orphanage. Vitalli phoned in ahead and we figured everything was set to go and Ruslan would be with us for the weekend. We got there and indeed everthing was set-upfor Ruslan to come with us. The only thing was that Ruslan didn't want to come. Can you believe that he would rather spend the weekend with his friends instead of locked up in an apartment doing nothing with a bot half his age! ;-) No problem, we didn't mind. We took our customary shots with the director and left feeling good. Voss had mixed feelings. Sad because Ruslan wasn't coming. Happy because the director gives away lots of chocolate (and pickled tomatoes) after a few shots.

Right now it is Monday night. Cindy is listening to a book on tape, Voss is in bed, and I am contemplating going to sleep soon (it is 7:30). Tomorrow Vitali comes back into town. We plan on visiting Ruslan with Vitali around noon, after our time with Henry at the Jesus ceremony. Wednesday is when the rubber meets the road. All our waiting comes down to wednesday. The panel of bureaucrats in Berdansk will meet then and decide the fate of splitting Ruslan from his brothers. We have been told it is just a formality.

Maybe we will take pictures and share how the cooking experiment worked out.


Marla said...

WOW! Keep you heads up. I know right about now it is getting to be the toughest (I can only imagine). Hopefully Wednesday will bring some great news and you guys can celebrate a step forward!
If it makes you feel any is pouring cats and dogs here! Zen, Chris is dying to dive but the conditions have been awful all week and now we have (a prediction) of 8 inches of rain headed our way!!! SO it'll be awhile...hopefully you guys will be back soon and settling in as a family of four! Love you guys! Can't wait to hear about Wed...

RebJaeBoe said...

Rees and I wish you the best of luck! We're looking forward to hearing how Wednesday went. Becka

Anonymous said...

Congrats Cindy on your beef Bourguignon, Julia Child would certainly have been proud of you. Actually, you are right, it is only stew, with red wine and mushrooms. It was the dish I served for our first dinner party, (many years ago!) and I have the original Julia Child cookbook. I think my notation re this recipe was: "do not make again, too much fuss". Goulash is just as good!
Talked to Voss for a long time, all this togetherness has really done wonders to his vocab. He is growing up too fast! xxx Baba