Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday December 23rd

We had plans for the driver to pick us up at 10. We made it to the orphanage at 11. Ruslan and his friends were outside waiting for us. All the boys immediately ran off with the sled. His close friends are Kirin 14, Sasha 13, and Vadine 13. They would not let Voss fall behind for the 4 hours we were with them. In fact all of the kids treated Voss really well the entire time and included him in everything. He loved every second.

The kids from the windows yesterday all came out for lunch at noon today. The sled was the hit of the party and all 20 of them were standing around watching, some taking turns. We were celebrities as well and all were trying their few words of english on us.

Ruslan was told a few times that he needed to go inside for some chores or something. He kept saying neh hachu (I don't want to). Well, he sure changed his mind when an orphanage lady came outside screaming for him to get in there. He dissappeared for 15 minutes.

Closer to us leaving, I made the mistake of throwing a snowball at one of the boys. Before I knew it there were 10 boys throwing snowballs at me. I was holding my own but one flanked my position- unbeknownced to me. I turned around and got hit square in the face. I had to call mercy and they all laughed.

Just before leaving, Ruslan came back out and joined the group of boys surrounding us. Up to this point, he seemed a little intimidated by the older boys- or maybe any attention -but he made an effort to be by us in front of everyone. Every boy had to shake mine and Cindy's hands as we left and help Voss into the car. They we all proudly saying good-bye in English. Ruslan hugged Cindy in front of everyone and we left.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a drive to Berdansk to talk with one of Ruslan's brothers, but instead it is back to the orphanage to talk with Ruslan's other brother and obtain his signed permission. We also have a plan to have internet installed tomorrow. If we do then you will know because you will finally be reading this.

Sledding at Orphanage


Ruslan Figuring out Video

Ruslan's Best Friends


Anonymous said...

Just got informed by Chris that the "photos" you sent are actually tiny videos. Really enjoying them!
Love, Mom
Please send more.

Anonymous said...

Love the video Clips!