Friday, December 18, 2009

train to Melitopil

We woke this morning at 9 or so. Last night was another sleepless night. Voss slept fairly well and only woke for an hour between 8 and 9. Cindy fell asleep soon after our movie at midnight and I was up till 2:30 at which time a beer was my only entertainment.

Today Voss dragged me outside for an hour to build an "igloo" in the 6 inches of fresh snow. I couldn't last any longer. Cindy welcomed the break after an hour of homework with him.

Our check-out from the apt was at 1 so we went to the corner pizza bar and ate 3 little pizzas. The best was the last one with bacon and eggs on it. (Not really). Our appointment to collect the paperwork referral was at 3 so I scheduled a cab to pick us up from the pizza bar at 2:30. In classic Ukie fashion the cab driver went to the wrong end of the block. After 15 minutes of searching I found the cab and we made it right on time!

No hick-ups at the sda. Dima came with us in the cab to the train station to make sure we got off ok. Trains from western ukraine were 12 hours delayed because of the big snow storm but we departed on time.

We had another dinner with bread, cheese, and sausage. As much as I like it I am looking forward to some healthy food.

It is 1:30 am right now and cindy and voss are sleeping. The compartment is really comfortable but really warm and dry. Voss went to sleep at 7:30 but woke at 10. He was incoragably restless until he finally bored himself back to sleep at 12:30. Cindy seems to sleep well but I am starting to wonder if this jetlag is a permanent thing. Maybe I should start reading a book instead of wandering aimlessly on this blackberry. I'd probably fall asleep in 5 minutes.

We arrive in 4 hours at the train station. The plan is for someone to meet us, a translator named Vitali.


Anonymous said...

The telephone # you have posted is not for your cell. Please check again. I guess email or blog will be the only way to communicate! xxxMom

Ed said...


Kim wanted me to tell you that she will call you as soon as she can. Her phone has not been working right and she was woried that you might have been trying to call her. Have a great time and say hi to Zen and Vos for me.