Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top Ten List

of things brought from home that we never could have lived without in Ukraine

10. moisturizing things: body lotion, baby oil, hair conditioner, chapstick

9. Spices (Italian seasoning, green Zatar mix, basil)

8. English magazines brought from home

7. An IPOD with music and downloaded movies

6. Warm flannel pajamas for hanging out at the apartment (no one expects a woman giving birth to look sexy)

5. Ziplock bags

4. Boogey Wipes (moist towels you can get in the baby section of Walgreens)

3. LIQUID HAND SANITIZER!!!!! We brought the mini ones you can get at Bath and Body Works. You CAN NOT buy these here. Not even on the black market.

2. Love and support from our friends and family near and far.

1. Patience (or sanity)

Here are some honorable mentions. These are pretty much for someone who is high maintainence in these areas (which we can be).

-Starbuck's Via instant coffee packets

- deck of cards (Someone with a full deck is hard to find here. No pun intended)

- Thank you cards

- A Blackberry...this would have been near the top of our list, but we HAD to live without ours since it froze on us. Don't get the Blackberry Tour. There is no hard re-set!! Try to find a cell store anywhere in Ukraine who can fix that problem!

-peanut butter

1 comment:

Mike said...

I haven't been reading these every day, so this may not be very helpful at this point, but have you tried doing a battery pull on your Tour? If this doesn't work you will probably need to reinstall the OS (for which you will need to use a computer and the BB Desktop Manager software).

If you give me more specifics of the problem, I can look into it further...

Hope this helps!