Friday, December 11, 2009

Today is the Friday and we leave tomorrow morning. Either it is the 3 cups of coffee I have drunk to stave off sleep this morning, or I am starting to feel nervous. There have been so many things to get done this week, but I think we have done a good job to cover all the bases. Regardless, I always have that feeling like I will forget my toothbrush or something like that.

My friend Dima at work has been a great help to put us in touch with some contacts in Kiev for help as well as find a place to stay in Melitopil. I am excited because the cost of the apartment is $400 for a month which will be the best price we have ever come across. That has helped to ease some of the "unknowns." A big thanks to Grandma who will take care of Bessel and our place while we are gone!

Voss is doing really well and he is looking forward to the trip. He keeps saying "My brother" this and "my Brother" that. He is also talking about a sister now....maybe he knows something we don't? His count down to take off is done by counting how many sleeps. Today he will say, " 1 more sleep 'till we leave." Having met Ruslan I am sure Voss understands a little better what is actually happening and what to expect. The only concern he has voiced so far is that he hopes Ruslan will share toys. I am sure there are plenty of other underlying emotions for Voss. I can imagine he is wondering what to expect from our family dynamic once this is all complete, what to expect in Ukraine, and also what to expect if we have a chance to visit his orphanage. He is resilient for sure and handles everything really well.

Grandma is scheduled to pick us up tomorrow morning at 5:00 for our 8:20 flight. Ever since we missed our flight back from Florida because I forgot to account the time change in my phone’s calendar, I am a little extra sensitive to being early for flights (not to mention the magnitude of this flight).

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