Thursday, December 17, 2009

SDA Appointment

As tough as our first encounter with the Ukrainian Adoption Authority was, this time it was the complete opposite. We met our facilitator just before the appointment. He was smiling. Soon after, we were greeted with friendly faces by 3 girls working in the office. They asked us to tell them a little about ourselves but soon moved attention to Voss (who was flirting with all three women). They helped us get in touch with Voss's old orphanage so that we could plan a visit. Towards the end of the informal meeting, they instructed us to return tomorrow at 3 to pick up the referral. So far so good... it seems.

Dima explained that international adoptions are on the decline and national adoptions are on the rise. Maybe good for the kids, but bad for the business of adoptions?

After the appointment, Dima offerred to drive us home. The walk to the SDA was 15 freezing minutes, but the drive back was a warm slow hour. At one point, we were 1 block from home and Dima made a turn into traffic which was the longest drive around a block I have ever been a part of!

It is snowing and even colder than yesterday. You can't do anything but close your eyes walking into the wind. We went for a Ukrainian buffet and had perogies, chicken kiev, and borsch. I had to go back for seconds on the perogies when the first order turned out to be stuffed with sweet cheese and plums. The second plate was back to the basics potatoes and cheese. I wasn't complaining about the extra food ;-).

It was getting dark on the way home and we decided to hit the park up. This is the same park where Voss rode his first motorized Jeep. In the middle of the park there was a wooden house Svietah Nikolai set-up. We cautiously approached the spectacle of 2 christmas trees dancing with a snowman outside as not to get pulled into some forced picture production or having to dance. Sure enough the lead christmas tree approached and started yelling something in Russian to which I replied "Ne Panymayeh PaRuski". "Not a problem," she answered, "Come to house of Nikolai, same like your english claus."
Um, ok.
So we drag Voss into this wooden house where Nikolai is flanked by 2 angels all dressed in white and blue. Nikolai warmed Voss up with a box filled with a giant gingerbread cookie (ugh, more gingerbread!) and proceeded to talk to him non-stop in russian for 5 minutes. They snapped a picture, printed it out and gave it to Voss. I offered some $$ on the way out but they declined. What?? Weird. A house set-up in the park giving away free cookies and pictures? ...and we were almost the only people in the park!

The walk back home in the dark was rough. It was COLD. Voss started complaining so we ducked into the subway station for warmth. He was fine after that because he started throwing snowballs at Cindy again. For some reason he won't throw them at me. Maybe I got him a little too good the other day?


brianna said...

I loved seeing the skating video. Voss is so cute all bundled up. Can't wait to show Marley. Also, nice skating Zen! You know what's weird (besides the free santa house/photo thing)? I couldn't see the Germany photos, but I could easily see the video. More video clips please! Glad that your first appointment went well. Hopefully that continues.

Anonymous said...

That video was SO CUTE!!!!! Voss definitely has a future in hockey.
Babcia says hi and wishes you all the best. Took 3 hrs. to get home on the 401 from her house, so I can relate to your trip around the block. At least you were warm!
Sounds like everything is going well, thank God. Keep up your great blog, loved the Germany photos, hungry for more videos, especially when you see Ruslan again.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, LOVE, hugs & kisses, Mom and Dad

brianna said...

K...I was lame and didn't get that I had to go look at the older Germany post. Got it now! Photos are awesome... keep em coming!