Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Things are starting to look up around here. The ringer on the phone was initially chosen because it souned like a melodramatic, kinda funny, Ukranian Polka. With all the bad news we have gotten lately, it was starting to sound like the Ukranian version theme song to The Godfather.

Right now, Ruslan is staying with us again. He has no school and everything is closed for the holiday. We are not sure what we will do for the next 10 days with him. There is nothing to do here. We have asked a lot of people and everyone says there is nothing for kids to do. Ruslan doesn't care, he really likes to stay at home and watch tv and play with the Ipod. I think he is just a little scared of the outside world. We need to be patient.

We went bowling today. We got a few strikes. Ruslan refused to play. I won, Voss came in second and Zenon lost. They give you socks here to wear with your bowling shoes. Voss kept his. They have everyone throw them out when they are done. I don't know why I think that is strange. I felt like taking the whole garbage can filled with socks to the orphanage. You can also have a full meal in the bowling alley complete with a white tablecloth. Humm? It's like a dinner club.

Tomorrow, who knows what we will do. Who knows what Ruslan is thinking. In typical guy fashion, he does not talk about his feelings. He seems to be happy at our Ukranian house. He has eaten about 30 tangerines today. Good thing I misunderstood what the woman at the market asked me yesterday and said "yes" to 2 kilos of tangerines. Zenon was wondering what we were going to do with them.

I have some great video of us doing the shot of cognac with the director.




Happy New Year!


jzwartendijk said...

Well good to see that you all are looking happy. Voss is quite the bowler...perhaps we should all go when you get back and are settled. I particularly can't wait to so some cognac shots with you guys.

Have a VERY Happy New Year!

Jenn, David & NOah

Anonymous said...

Well Cindy & Zenon, I have been holding my breath (not literally) for days now. I fell like I can finally exhale a bit. I hope all the good things that you want to happen, do. Happy Happy New Year. I will think good thoughts only. God Bless you all Sharon

Marla said...

Glad things are looking up. We hadn't read the blog for a few days and was shocked and saddened to hear the last turn of events. You are in our prayers! Thinking good thoughts in San Diego....

brianna said...

Looks like you're keeping your spirits up. Zen, maybe when you get home you can consider starting a bowling club. Oh I also loved Voss' happy bowling dance and Marley said "Oh Cindy looks cute! I like her green shirt." So there you go. I agree.

I'll keep praying that this positive spin keeps it's momentum and that your 10 days together are wonderful.

Mike said...

So glad to hear about Andrei's change of heart! I was freakin out reading through all of the previous posts, but its fantastic to hear that everything is back on track again!

Next point, Voss' dance moves. One word, nice. Tell him that he's gotta teach his Dad how to move like that!

Rita said...

Tell Voss-Man I love the dance he does after his turn. I am going to try that move at my next bowling game! :)