Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Ukrainian Entourage

I woke this morning at 3 am with one question on my mind...which thought is scarier...the thought of staying in Melitopol, Ukraine for a month, or adopting a boy just before the onset of adolescence?

We have made it to what will be our residence for the next month in Melitopol. It is Russian speaking here, so Zenon needs to learn Russian quickly. He still tries to speak Ukranian, but only gets blank stares in response. We had an entourage meet us at 5:20 am at the train station and bring us to the apartment. It is a 4 room apartment with a long hallway. Basically, two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and a livingroom. Not bad for $13.25 a night!! We signed a month's lease and finally got to unpack our things. When we enterd the kitchen, a full breakfast was waiting for us with sandwiches, chocolate cookies, coffee, cognac, meats and cheeses, and a basket of special chocolates for Voss. He was a bit freaked out by all the people so early in the morning, so he hid in the hallway. It was kind of crazy. Extreemly nice, but not how we are used to being treated at 6am. We asked if they did this with everyone and they said no, we are just the most exciting guests they have ever had. So, on that note, we all drank a shot of the cognac.

The owner of the apartment came by later to drive us around the neighborhood. It is really nice and there seems to be a lot of shops around and we are close to the bus stop. It will be bearable enough. The people are really nice, so it will be fine.

Yesterday was Saint Nicholas day. It's for the kids where they get lots of chocolate. Ukrainian Christmas is January 7th which means we will have to celebrate two christmases for the rest of our lives. After the 7th, all government offices close for two weeks so we get to just hang out. I guess we will have time to go to a few shows and see the local sights- riiight.

Tomorrow we see Ruslan at the orphange. I guess he has the flu right now so hopefully we will get to visit him. Then we get our permission from the city to adopt and try to get our court date. Court won't happen until after the holiday which is around the 10th.

Happy birthday Dido and Special Ed! Voss misses both of you. And his grandmas too.

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Rita said...

Hi Issels! I will miss you as I head to San Diego for Christmas vacation. Please take a lot of pictures for me. Tell Voss that John Taylor say's "hi" (or "meeeeow"). It looks like everything is going as hoped so far! - best wishes for this upcoming month!