Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day - Friday

It felt like waking up with a hangover. Maybe it was a hangover.

Normal morning routine. Coffee.

As depressing at it was we really kept a positive outlook. Our support network, Vitali (the pessimist who I could tell was worried), and Henry (the Russian/Ukrainian sunflower farmer by summer and cab driver by winter is the optimist) had some upbeat advice on the ride home yesterday. Today I held off on talking to Vitali as long as possible. He has a habit of making the best news in the world sound like a death sentence so I didn't want to hear bad news. I finally caved at 11 (he said he'd call by 10) and he said nothing yet. He concluded that he expected the worst. I didn't share this with Cindy. She said she felt good about our prospects. Vitali expected to call us back around 2 when the brothers would call.

We walked all afternoon and needed to be back at the apartment at 1 p.m. for a visit by Svateh Nikoli (Ukrainian Santa). We made it back by 12:55. There was a 60 year old lady shovelling our walkway. She looked tired. I told her to sit while I finished. She was surprised but very thankful. Santa arrived at 1:00.

Voss knew who it was. He came with a snow angel and a photographer. They gave Voss a gift and tried to join hands with him and dance in circles singing christmas carrolls. I thought it was strange. Voss wanted no part of it and hid behind his hands the whole time. The more he hid the more they sang christmas carols and danced in circles!

They were getting ready to leave. The phone rang. It was Vitali. He said "Zenon"
I said "yes"
He said is his most depressed voice "I have news"
I said "ok"
"Are you ready to go to the orphanage" it sounded like he had given up all hope.
"um, ok Vitali. Is this bad news?"
"Are you ready to pick Ruslan up and take him home for the weekend?"
"Vitali, this sounds like good news. Is it?"
"Yes, the brothers called and will come in on Monday to sign their consent"

WHAT? seriously. The guy could make a miracle sound like a tragedy. ....he actually just did.

That was the best christmas present ever.

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jzwartendijk said...

Hello my friends, just want to let you know that we are thinking of you all and praying that everything will work out for you. So sorry to hear about the prior news and so hoping that Ruslan and brothers will change their minds. Think positive. Hope you were able to get Ruslan for the weekend and that he will see and feel that he should be with you.

Hugs and kisses to Voss and very happy belated birthday.

Jennifer, David & Noah