Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After the Weekend

The weekend was great. Voss had been complaining for a playmate for quite some time and having it be his future brother was almost too good to be true. All the boys wanted to do all weekend was watch tv, play with the remote control car, play video games, andthen back again. It was more like Ruslan would do something, Voss would se him doing it, Voss would want to do it, then Ruslan would give it up and move onto the next thing.

Ruslan was impatient at first. Voss was constantly in his face. ....but towards the end of day 2 they were playing hide and seek together. Comical to watch because they traded btween 2 hiding spots for 2 hours yet still had trouble finding each other. Must get that from Cindy ;-)

On Monday morning it was time to take Ruslan back and meet the brothers to sign the consent letters. We arrived at the orphanage and guess what. No brothers. Not good.

No one was doing or saying anything about it. We called Vitali. He said lets meet. We met for a coffee and hashed out the options and discussed where everything stood.

The problem is that the clock is ticking. Obviously we cannot stay here indefinitely. Monday is 3 days before offices start closing and each step cannot be done in tandem but in series wating for the previous step to finish. Apparently Andrei, the brother, left for Mariupol which is a 3 hour drive to get back to school. We said that he would not be back in town until January 5th to sign the consent. End of story. We offerred to pay his transportation and pay for his troubles but he wanted no part of that. Dead end.

We went home after this set back and started to discuss our options which include coming back home and waiting for progress over here. We still are optimistic that this will all get done.

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