Monday, November 23, 2009

Appointment date!

So we received our appointment last week. We are set to meet at the SDA (Ukrainian Adopting Authority in Kiev) on December 17th. After we have the appointment we will have the legal paperwork to travel to Ruslan's Orpahage in Melitopil ( and start the process there.

From what we can gether we will be travelling there (Arrive dec 21st) to get the authority of the city to adopt Ruslan. Take this paperwork back to Kiev(arrive dec 23rd) and obtain more official paperwork. Take this more official paperwork back to Melitopil area(arrive dec 25th) to initiate court. Court may be slowed by the national holidays from Jan 1st to Jan 11th. In which case we can finish court Jan 12th. Travel to Sumy (arrive Jan 14th) right after this to get Ruslan' birth certificate (where he was born). Take this back to Melitopil area(arrive Jan 15th) to apply for passports. Once we have the passport then we can travel back to Kiev (arrive Jan 17th) and have the medical review which we take to the embassy and apply for the Visa (apply for on Jan 18th). Once we have the visa then we can either wait for our flight which is scheduled to depart back to San Diego on Jan 21st OR reschedule for an earlier date if availible!

Sound like a plan?!


Vince Bailey said...

Ok, looks like you have all your ducks in a row. now after reading your blog with all the running around maybe we will be able to visit with you in Ukraine.
Praying for you:)

Andrea & Erik said...

You guys are awesome.

joshnsd said...

Sounds like a plan. A very complex plan. Good luck friends, and bring everyone home safe.

Greg said...

Forgive me for asking, but why does documentation have to be hand delivered from city to city in this way? What forms of modern communication are missing? No faxes or electronic sending of documents?

The Issels said...

I can think of 1 reason why things need to be hand delivered.

....besides, the infrastructure for electronic communications is just not there.