Thursday, September 13, 2007

When I was in Poland I had Pony

Ever consider what your last meal might be. I do. I like food. I am not considering my last meal these days but my first meal. The first meal when I get back that is. I am somewhere between a greasy french fry filled california burritto with chips and salsa OR a steak with some pat and oscar's salad and breadsticks. A solid Bully's style burger would be third. Whatever it is will be accompanies by a beverage with ice. I havn't seen ice since we got here. They havn't figured that one out yet. I know this isn't anywhere near as glamorous as it should be but I'm easy.

Now for the title. If you don't remember that Seinfeld episode then you are missing out. There are pony's in the park that are there for the kids to ride. They also have little jeeps and motorcycles (the battery operated ones) and Vos actually almost had his first insurance claim (we have that one on video). In fact they have almost anything a kid would want in the park and that is a direct result of the new free economy coupled with lack of rules (it's neat but too much).

Vos has a love/hate relationship with both dogs and ponies. Either animal he would give up a bath for but once within 15 ft of one he freezes up in terror. It's amazing. All he wants to do sometimes is just look for dogs and ponies. Wait till he sees dog beach!

We submitted our docs to the consulate today. All went smooth and we have our official appt tommorow where we will receive our visa for vos. And this is it for the ukrainian paperwork. The rest is done in the u.s.. Well almost done here in ukraine. We will be submitting a letter to the adoption authorities to adopt vos's younger brother. Cindy and I will be drawing straws and the loser will have to come back to Ukraine next summer! ;-)

I want to also add that Cathy is my favorite sister of Cindy's (kim doesn't read this right?)



Lasha said...

Hahahahahahooooooooo!! This is my favourite post yet! It's because of the food. I love food. I'm sure it's a family thing. Your sister and I once took 8 hours to get from Oshawa to Detroit because we stopped so often to eat. American food is the best. Do you have a White Castle in San Diego? Is there a White Castle in Ukraine? If not, there should be.
So glad everything is going smoothly!

Babi/Dodo said...

Why did your blog remind me of the movie Forest Gump? Your first stop should be Mosey's. Have you prepared Bessel for Vos's arrival? That should be an interesting "confrontation". You sound like everything is fitting into place and Vos truly loves his new parents. Loved Cindy's list of bathtub "toys" - only a mother would do that! Take care, Love, Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Your mother's crepes with cheese filling would be a good substitute for steak. She makes the best as I remember. You guys are planning again? My God how wonderful. A houseful of little Ukrainians. Cindy, you will be outnumbered by Ukrainian Men. (all my sympathies to you)Dogs and ponies eh, maybe you should move into Tony's farm and breed both. Hurry home, safely. Love you all,

Zenon and Cindy said...

I thought I was the only one who liked white castle. Must be a family thing. White castle is #4 on the list.

The Auslands said...

So glad to hear you will be on your way home soon. I'm so jealous you will be enjoying a fabulous california burrito soon. (The mexican food in Houston leaves a lot to be desired.)