Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Vosya from a few weeks ago

Writing from a cafe today. Things are slow but FAR more entertaining then Cherkassy. Our daily routine has grown to involve 4 p.m. meeting in independance square which we will do again today with the other couples. Vos had McDonalds last night. It was his initiation to become american. The transformation is almost complete!

Going home right now to change plane tickets from next Monday to next Friday (didn't get passport today). Will will be home on the following saturday. Final answer.



Rach N' Lee said...

It should be illegal to be that good lookin!!!!


Chris said...

It will be great to have you back!
Handsome boy. See you soon.

Zenon and Cindy said...

Rachel, that was funny. I have been hearing a lot that he looks like me ;-)

Greg said...

You don't sound like you are growing the least bit tired of the Ukraine. Not at all.

Babi/Dodo said...

We fell in love with him from the moment we saw his first photo. He certainly looks like his new mom and dad! Now, hurry home. Love, lots of hugs and kisses for all of you. Showed Maya his photos, she responded "I know, I know, he's my new cousin!"