Sunday, September 9, 2007

sunday football

We found the bakery with the muffins this morning. Not a big deal you say? Bah. It is very big. I followed the cinamon roll with a raisin butter thingy and helped digestion with a creamy capuccino. Breakfast of champions. Tommorow will be more of the same.

We also found lettuce at the grocery. To top it off the weather is perfect. 5 degrees and windy I'd guess. But the sun is out. It makes a person feel alive.

I met the irish couples translator who delivered our passport from cherkassy. We were scheduled to go there for it on tuesday but lena called and said that this translator could deliver it for us. The catch was that it would cost $120 for the passport lady to release it. I said forget it, I will go myself and travel the 6 hours and pay the 30 bus fare. Miraculously the passport arrived anyway. Hmmmmmmmm.

Football start in 4 hours. I can't find a place to watch it anywhere. I may try and get an internet radio feed somewhere but have never done this.

All are doing well. It is 4 and cindy and vos are napping. He did go for a nap today, one just has to be more stern with him.


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