Monday, September 10, 2007


If you know of an answer please post. Marty asked if we had considered how to deal with jetlag and Vosya on the way home. We are not sure. We are boarding a 6:30 a.m. Flight and will be up at 3 on the day we leave (8 more days).

My parent's annisversary was yesterday. Their 40th to be exact. Amazing! My sister's family and my brother's all got together to take them away for the weekend to a cottage. It sounds like it was a fun. Especially at times like these we wish we lived closer to Toronto.

Today was a walk around town and back followed by naptime andthen another walk in the park. Cindy made a great dinner and just went to put vos to bed.

Last night I sat solo at the corner cafe refreshing the football scores on my laptop untill it closed at 11. Not entirely exciting but better than nothing to get my football fix.

No plans for tommorow. It's nice not to have to think sometimes.

Vos is doing great and so are we. Bonding.



Mike said...

Issel -

I found an article about children and jet lag at It talks about keeping kids hydrated, feeding them healthy snacks instead of junk food, and trying to shift their schedule before the trip.

It also gave some tips for helping them to sleep durring the trip. The address to that site is

Let me know if I can research anything else for you!

Greg said...

I could never figure out why, but my parents always gave me these little chocolates before we went on a plane ride. What did I care? I was a kid and it was chocolate. So I would eat it. There was some kind of liquid inside the chocolates, it would kind of sting my nose a little bit, but the chocolate smoothed it out. I would eat two or three of them...and then they wouldn't let me have anymore. I would protest for a short while, but then right about the time we were ready to take off, I would calm down...and actually start to laugh a almost anything...funny or not. My parents would then give me a vitamin and a glass of water.

Strange...but for some reason...I never remembered those plane rides...just being in the airport.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zenon and Cindy!
I just got word of your blog from Chris!
I am so happy for you guys and Vos is very cute.
I hope you guys might be able to make it up here for Christmas
Take care
Steve S.

Marty said...

Actually, my question to you Zen, was more to do with how you will handle the time zone changes (l0 hours earlier in Cali) therefore Vos should be quite fun, as his day will now be night, and his night will now be day. Actually, those little chocolates that Greg mentioned are brilliant! We still have some here from Christmas- will save for you. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

hi guys,
we have only traveled back and forth from the east coast, but elijah likes to do a variety of things on the plane. stickers in an empty noter book, dvds(if you have a portable player)(if not you need to talk to al!!!) crayons and coloring books, little matchbox backpack is usually stuffed full with his things! you may be surprized at how the hum of the plane engine will lull him to sleep. as far as the jet lag (i only had to deal with 3 hours mind you), i just rolled with it! it usually took only a few days. may take vos longer with more more of a difference in hours. can't wait to hear you're home safe and sound. shelly and al and elijah