Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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We must celebrate the occassion, maybe some ukrainian food tonight? Cindy actually said she wouldn't mind perogies. Maybe ukraine is growing on her.

More on Vos. He has gained 3 pounds I was told today at the doctors. We went for a mandatory medical exam where the paperwork generated is sealed and accompanies us to the u.s.. For the results today we had to pay extra as usual. I will cab it the 45 minute round trip to pick them up shortly.

Vos was excellent during the entire visit. He remains close to us now at all times and listens (this is new). It was tough when they pricked his finger for blood work and spent 5 minutes squeezing and dripping blood into a vial. He handled it like a champ. I wouldn't have.

Tommorow we walk to the american consulate to drop off all his paperwork. A mountain high of paperwork. We navigated the walk yesterday and good thing because we thought this would be handled at the embassy, but in fact it was the consulate which is in a different location. What is the difference between the embassy and the consulate anyway?

The feeling of having a child want you near them is what makes everything worth it. He has fallen asleep on me a few times now. He wakes us up early in the morning. Vos loves horsing around. I would do this a 100 more times for a child like him.

Thanks for the responses. We may have trouble finding chocolates with alcohol in them here so hopefully the wooden sticks I found at the playground will keep him busy. Just kidding(I'll bet my sister doesn't think so). Cindy mentioned possibly a video game or something for him but I don't want him to turn out like me and waste his youth on them. ...or worse yet: buy a nintendo in his late 20's ;-).

He is picking up a little english here and there. My mom thinks he talks like a little old ukrainian man. I agree with her but think his inflections and mannerisms are great.

Thanks to Andy and Raegan who will be picking us up at the airport with our car and have a car seat ready (although I am questioning the need for 1 after a month and a half without one here).

Lastly, I have my name up for the 1-2 nl omaha and am waiting for a call on my cellphone. Sounds like it happens once a week. If you understand that then good. If not then it's probably better that you don't.


Zenon won't let us buy more than three toys for him right now so he doesn't get spoiled. He doesn't seem to notice b/c he is now playing with all the pots and pans in the kitchen. He thinks they are HIS toys.
He really looks forward to his evening bath. He loves bathtime and he has found several other things to put in the tub with him besides store bought toys. Here is an inventory of his tub toys;

Plastic box
Plastic shapes that fit into box
Toy truck
Toy Airplane
A piece of his toy traintracks
Toy train that is now broken from being in several puddles and the tub. Batteries removed
A plastic spoon
A funky metal Ukranian cup
A milk jug
Two yogurt containers
Three small actimel containers
A tomato carton
A plant stem
Two sticks from the front yard
One large rubber snake

He was close to putting the watering can in the tub with him one night, but I drew the line there.


Joanne said...

Hey, Gravol works just as well. A nice gentle sleep. The bathtub is geting full, maybe a swimming pool in your back yard would hold the watering can. A nintendo is good as a back up, Zen, it goes well with escargots. Cant wait to hear you are on the flight home. Then, everything will be easier, and no more envelopes.

Chris said...

Ah, just wait until he plays guitar hero with Cliff and Lee! He'll demand an Xbox immediately!!

zen said...

I'll draw the line at flight simulator chris.

Aunt joanne, I hope you are refferring to a turtle pool!