Wednesday, September 5, 2007

nap time

I like nap time. I get so tired during the day. I am not sure how I am going to handle a full day of work. Yesterday and today Vos fell asleep beside me. It's great! Cindy and him are doing great together too.

He just got up from a nap. They said he needed time to wake up at the orphanage but with us he is all happy right from the getgo.

We are leaving to meet 2 other couples at independance square to hang out. They adopted from the same orphanage as well. Yesterday we met up and toured, ending for dinner at tgi fridays for a burger. Everything is new to vos and it is great to watch him. He like the bathrooms.

I booked our tickets for monday - positive thinking, right? Hopefully the passport will be ready tommorow.

Vos liked the park this morning. There was a miniature pony which he was scared of. He is scared of dogs too. I am sure that won't last for long.

Thanks for all the comments, keep em coming.



Joanne said...

They say twenty minutes nap time rejuvenates you. This you could do at work too. Just hide and close your eyes. Sounds like you are really happy with your little son, and making friends along the way. Can't wait to hear that you are on the airplane heading for home. Slow and easy.

Anonymous said...

Not much in life is sweeter than a nap with those who love you. Unless you have a big chore list like Roger does! We are looking forward to hearing you are on your way back to sunny and hot CA. Peace!
Linda and Roger

Rach N' Lee said...

Hey Guys!!! Geez, I haven't written in a while. First off, Congrats on Vos!!! Wow, how does it feel to be parents??? I bet it's an amazing feeling! We can't wait to see you guys!! Is there anything that you need before you get home....groceries , anything for Vos? Just let us know, we would be more than happy to help!!! Keep us posted on your arrival!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!
Rach and Lee

Marla said...

SOunds like you are settling in to parenthood with ease. I can't wait to hear what Vos thinks about the ocean, when you get back- and the carousel at Balboa park- and sea world- oh boy-so much to see!! lots of fun!!