Sunday, September 2, 2007

heart of kiev

After all this time, we were finally able to arrange our last days in kiev at an apt downtown. This was the place we had originally planned for when we travelled here, but signals were crossed and it hasn't been availible since. The apt is owned by an older Ukrainian lady who rents to visitors here. She is very hospitable and made us vegetable soup and apple crepes for our arrival. She even offered to take us to her country home and relax by the river.

The apt is older victorian style with vaulted ceilings and classic Ukrainian decor. It looks like a Ukranian art museum. We had to move all the breakables away from Vos to the top shelves. There is a balcony to the north where Vos has been feeding the pigeons and also a balcony to the south that takes advantage of the afternoon sun. This place is in an amazing location.

We are able to walk anywhere in the core of Kiev. Yesterday, we went to a few parks, talked to an old lady who's dream is to become a u.s. Citizen one day, and went to the mall for more pants for Vos ( they are all being cleaned since he has been so excited from all the new things!). Vos's favorite was the playground in the children's store.

Everything is so new to him andit is fun to watch his reaction. We are here for another week and a half, at least. Now the countdown can begin.

Zenon is teaching Vos to form playdough into a bunch of strings, put them in his hand, and pretend he is sneezing out the strings of playdough. Should be a cool trick to show buddies at preschool.


The Auslands said...

Ah yes, the playdough boogers - a real crowd pleaser in preschool! Ha Ha


Anonymous said...

Vosman, Roger would like a playdough hamburger, and Linda wants a playdough pancake thank you very much.
We can wait.
L and R

Anonymous said...

We have been following your postings and they often make us laugh and cry! Glad to hear you are soon homeward bound. We send our love to all three of you.
Rob & Carolyn

Brian & Amy said...

Zenon & Cindy

Glad to hear that the trip is finally coming to an end and you guys can get back to the states and your new home with Vos.


Brian & Amy

Lasha said...

Jim and I are SO THRILLED for you guys! You must be so eager to get back to the States...
Love you so much,

Anonymous said...

Congradulations. Looking forward to meeting your new addition.
Erik A