Friday, September 7, 2007

cindy is shopping

Not a surprise there.

I am home with Vos and Cindy is off for some pt. He handles it very well! We were straight forward with him and said mommy would be back soon. I leveraged my position with promises of elmo whom we introduced to him last night. Thanks to my sister for that one! He now loves mommy, elmo, baths, and milk (in that order). He made me lay down for nap time after I made him hot dogs. I gave up after 20 minutes of elmo and threatened no bath tonight. He didn't bite. I eventually turned it off and he was actually o.k. w ith it after the sense of independence he got when making me sleep on my bed while he on his. He is now asleep which is the first naptime without a cry. Progress!

Our translator has gone back home while we wait for vos's passport to be completed (something about a paper shortage?). She had promised to keep in constant contact andthen decided to turn off her phone. I had tickets booked for next monday in hopes all would fall into place. Thursday was the important date that we had hoped to get his passport, so we held out on changing the plane tickets since there was no word from lena. Well that certainly backfired. No passport and now our tickets are booked for the 19th as there was nothing earlier availible. If our translator had of keep us abreast we could have chosen an earlier date. I don't remember ever being as mad as I was yesterday. A little communication goes a long way! I have to admit that I may have let myself become a little negative which surely has had an affect on things.

We both got over it fairly quickly. This will be more bonding time for us all in his native land. And I am sure once it is all done we will appreciate everything all that much more.

So I now have to go to pay for the new tickets in person. Klm is the airline and the office is right beside polish airways where all the polish people hangout. It is also just past the polish embassy and that too has many pols. I feel like I am in barczewskiville everytime i go there!

After this we are meeting in university park (me and vos with cindy and the other couples). We also plan on going out for georgian food tonight.

Tommorow we have been invited to tetianna's (the apt owner) dotchuck (cottage) for the day. She promises that there will be a good time had by all near the river and the apple trees. I'll bet vos will love it.


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