Saturday, September 8, 2007


As unbearably hot it was a few weeks ago it is as cold and rainy now, especially with my shorts on. We outfitted the stroller with the raincover and managed to get lost this morning. The goal was to find the puppet theater. I finally admitted that my shortcut was faulty and Cindy took over. She sniffed out a few families who looked like they were going somewhere. We followed them into a russian religious congregation where there was plenty of entertainment includong songs and a puppet show of their own(the puppets didn't move with the voices). It didn't seem like anyonw realized we were out of place. ...and it helped that the 3 of us had no idea what was being said.

We backtracked and came across the hyatt,the place where we were ealrier on the trip with Kent. We made good use of the concierge and got a map with directions to the zoo, the puppet theatre (by the way, I wasn't even close), and the arizona restaurant so hopefully I can catch some football tommorow.

From there we found our way back but not before we stopped for some delicious uno's deepdish chicago style pizza. It was actually ukrainian style pizza at a place that advertised unos but it was decent none the less.

Vos refused his nap today. I have been forcing it upon him to the point where he refuses to enter the bedroom when it's time. Instead we had "quiet time" and played in the bedroom. I have no idea if this was a good thing to do or not. We hope he will still take naps!

He was a saint yesterday with me. He acted up last night when we sat down to dinner so cindy immediately took him home. She is great parenting him.

We have not had hot water since arriving this time in kiev. It wears on a person living like charles ingles. The ukrainian landlord, altbough very very nice, is constantly here in the apt and reiterating rules that we have been breaking. Funny thing is that he havn't broke any rules but this is what old ukrainian ladies do. The location is great but changes of scenery are helpfull too. Although it may not be the most desireable thing to move vos to another location we are actually considering it. We still have 11 more days and really need to consider our sanity as well. The irish couple we have been in touch with is in an apt near the city center on kreschatic and we may consider that.

Good news, the passport has been completed and is on the way here. We will have everything wrapped up next week and will wind down for our flight home.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun!! Keep the posts coming, we love em! We cant wait for you guys to come home!!

Alissa and Cliff

Anonymous said...

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