Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ukranian weddings

Ukranian weddings are interesting here.Some things are the same and some different.

After the church wedding ceremony, they get into their cars that are decorated with flowers (that resemble arrangements for funerals) drive around and have the reception in a pub or cafeteria. Then, when it is dark, they have a fireworks display. Dancing and drinking follow for the rest of the evening...Lots of drinking. Lots of vodka shots. Then, the next morning, the men dress up in women's clothing, wear bright, thick make-up and continue to drink a lot all day and dance with the women. They play children's games and "fall down into embarrassing positions" as Lena said.

Wilkie, you have to do the dress up thing at your wedding.


Kriss said...

Congratulations on your new addition to the family…. I am so happy for you. Vos looks absolutely gorgeous and he could not have gotten a better set of parents than the 2 of you… Wishing you all well and hoping to see you soon.


Kriss said...

Congratulations!!!!!! We got the message from your mom that you were moving ahead and adopting Vos-Man!! Absolutely amazing!!!! We are soooooooooo happy for you! You guys are going to make amazing parents. We told Carter about his new cousin......he seems very intrigued...we told him that he'll have to meet him once you guys get settled. We hope the rest of your trip goes well; We think and talk about you often. We're going to stay up later tonite so we can call you (it's too late right now). Wow!!!!!! Vos. is a very lucky boy to have such amazing parents, waiting to give him a better life.....filled with love and lot's of fun!!! Our heart and prayers are with you.....We love you both very much and can't wait to meet our new nephew!!!!! We'll get my sister to put your blog-up again tomorrow to see what's new.

Love you lot's and hopefully we'll talk to you tonite!!!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mark, AL, Carter & Alexa