Friday, August 31, 2007

Ukranian photo studio

The sidetrip that Zenon referred to yesterday was to the photographer to get passport photos. I wish I had my video camera to show everyone what the studio sample pictures looked like! They were the funniest things ever!

There were bad hair family shots, lingere shots (several were wearing the same lingere..ewww!) A mom and daughter lingere shot...another ewww! One of a really frightened cat on front of cheezy scenery, and bride a groom shots...these were the best! One picture had a shrunken shot of the bride and she was all glowy white and sitting in the palm of the groom's hand smiling and looking up at him. Another one was with the groom shrunken in the bride's hand and she was acting like she was going to smoosh him with her 3 inch personal favorite.
Then the one of the groom holding the bride's leg up really high so you could see her garter belt...

We just left the office to get Vos's social security number. It was a former Communist headquarters so it was well equipped with a helicopter port on the roof and several underground escape routes in case of bombing attacks.

Soon, we will pick up Vos and say goodbye to all of his buddies and teachers. They are all so cute I may try to just shove an extra kid in my bag- I am in love with at least two other boys in his group now. Zenon even says he wouldn't mind having 5 or 6 kids.

This will probably be my last post since I will be chasing after a three year old for the rest of the trip.

Thanks everyone for your support and kind words. You all really helped us get through the tougher times!


Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Cin,
The pictures are great! Get ready for real prices when you come home Zenon! I love the shopping stories, however, arm candy isnt supposed to complain about returns, you're job is to look good and carry the pkgs!
Love you guys!
Linda and Roger

Marla said...

WHen can I meet Linda and Roger? WHere have you been hiding your quick witted friends?