Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday in Cherkassy

Both yesterday and today have been the most uneventful days of the trip. Just what we needed. Out of the apt at noon and back in at 7 after walking around town. Today we waited for our bus for 15 minutes. It didn't come. I talked the other 2 into paying 2 dollars for a cab ride instead of the 60 cents the bus cost. It is funny how we are penny wise and pound foolish sometimes!

We start paperwork tommorow and plan to bus it back to kiev on tuesday night. We miss the Vos-man. Yesterday on the phone he promised he was behaving (I don't know why he felt the need to disclose this ;-)).

Today I ate a Ukrainian burrito. Mmmmm. The roadside stand was just like a tijuana street taco vendor. The lady server looked like my friend Mike Samuelian with a wig on. The burrito was chopped pork cooked gyro style on a slab of lavash bread mixed with string carrots, diced oinions, cabbage, mayonnaise, horseradish and mustard. Just like the hotdog doughnut I wouldn't recommend more than 1. I am on a quest to try anything and everything. The dried fish chips lena ordered with beer last night were the first thumbs down.

I am currently on the second night of a huge bottle of Ukrainian beer and jamming with our newly aquired Ukrainian rack cd. We are making pizza for dinner in an attempt to replicate american food. I am skeptical that the flat bread, smoked chicken leg and salty mock-mozzerella will cut it. For some reason everything in ukraine has unfertone tastes of dill.

Lena is out right now researching any possibilities we may have to pursue a second child. This was our initial plan. I now have a glimpse of how much love (work) one child requires but a second child would keep the first occupied and be easier, right?

On another note, I realized how to change the blog settings and now anyone can post without having to log in which I am sure is helpfull for the un-tech savy like myself.

Thanks for all the warm wishes.


Kent- you will be happy to know that the street dogs are well taken care of. People save their stale bread for the birds and their leftover pieces of meat for the dogs.

Here is a Ukranianism-
I hit my hand on a sharp metal railing. It hurt real bad! Someone gave me a frozen piece of lard to put on it to keep the swelling down.



The Auslands said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to meet Vos on our next trip to SD. Alexis and Merideth will love having a new friend to play with.


Brian & Amy said...


I think it would be a treat for everyone if I dressed up like a women in clothes and make-up...I will run it past Amy and she what she says...Can I do this on the day of the wedding and break Ukranian tradition???

Mike said...

That burrito vendor sounds like one handsome woman!

Sean Kelley said...

Congratulations! Thanks so much for letting us come along. I am looking forward to meeting the new Issels. ;-)