Wednesday, August 8, 2007

raining chickens and pigs

For some reason yesterday was a tiring day for everyone. We didn't do much and not too much was accomplished. No tests were performed which sets us back another day. We are looking into offerring incentives today (we are out of envelopes for incentives).

part of what I have been trying to accomplish is understanding how an adoptive child fits onto oir medical insurance. The good news on that front is that any child will have full coverage for any pre-existing conditions (meaning they will be covered for anything we would be covered for). That is a huge plus!

Cindy stayed behind and lena and I rode the bus and got off in gridlock near the city center. A short walk later (2 miles) and she left me at the post office where I used the internet (this phone can't open some attachments and is limited on what pages it can view). Lena went on to ride the subway another hour to the other hospital to retrieve the previous test results.

On the way back to the hospital I stopped for the specialty donuts that Lena recommended (picture a long plain doughnut with a hot dog filling instead of jelly). There was a line up. Thankfully the guy in front of me ordered the same thing because I had no idea how to order them. I brought 1 back for cindy and 2 for the nurse from the orphanage who is staying with the boy full time. They were good. They tasted exactly like the doughnuts my grandfather used to make but had a hot dog in the middle.

We all met back at the hospital. It was funny because lena brought the same doughnuts back. I hope the nurse likes hotdogs.

The boy is bored and not enjoying the hospital. To make things worse, it is raining today. It has been raining all night which helped us to sleep 12 hours. Much needed!

We are off in 5 minutes - back to the hospital. Wish us luck with the bus today.

Side notes- don't sit at the front of the bus or everyone will give you their money and expect you to get change from the driver.

Todo- still need pictures for cliff (and absinth if we can find it ;-) )

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Alissa said...

yyeeeuuucckkk!!! you would have to pay me $250000 greivena to eat a hot dog doughnut!
Good thing you are en route to the hospital after eating that!! :) We wish the best of luck at the hospital.