Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Poppy Seed Holiday

That's right. It is the day we have all been waiting for. In celebration everyone eats poppyseed foods and drinks vodka.

We are sitting and waiting at the local administration building for lena who is talking behind closed doors. It is just a guess but I am willing to wager that she comes out with a request for an envelope with something in it!

She just came out. We will have court next monday which is very quick. From that date we have a 10 day waiting period andthen we are officially a family on august 31st. From that date the only hurdle is the passport.

I went jogging yesterday morning at 5:45 because I said I would. I didn't realize the moonshine vodka would appose this idea so much. after that we started the paperwork. Like cindy touched on, it was interesting to learn that Vosya has 2 brothers. It was brought to our attention in such a nonchalant manner. 1 is in the same orphanage and the other is 5 and at a different one. We are arranging to visit them both and should see them next week. Is this a precursor to another trip back to Ukraine next year?

We are now in the car driving to kiev once again. This post is taking me a while to write. Our driver is practicing for his next chance at racing in the german grand prix. Personally I think he needs lessons on depth perception.

It will be great to see Vos again. We have advised the doctors to give him coffee so that he is awake when we get there.

We will also be picking Kim, Cindy's sister, up from the airport tommorow. Some fresh company will be nice.

We have some more pictures to post but don't have computer access right now and probably won't for another week.

Now that the exciting news is overwith you will just have boring ukrainian trvel stories to read.


Greg said...

not boring to me....thanks for the update.

Mike said...

Great news man! So does this mean that you're still considering adopting more than one child out there on this trip?

Marla said...

Congratulations again! Thanks for the update. We can't wait to hear more tales from the Ukraine!

Babi/Dodo said...

Look forward to reading your blog daily. Three more grandchildren sounds good to us! What an unexpected surprise.
Keep your spirits up (I don't mean vodka). Love, Mom and Dad