Friday, August 10, 2007

on the road again

Back to cherkassy. This time by bus. A full size extended van actually. As we were loading luggage someone snagged 1 of our 3 seats (you snooze, you lose policy is in full effect here) so Lena is riding up front in the middle working the shifter.

Much progress today. Too much to list now so We will post it tommorow. For now the 3 of us are back to Cherkassy to reunite our luggage.

We ate McDonalds for the 2nd day in a row, moreso because there is no other takeout and it is the only place near the hospital. American prices there. I bought us some cucumbers at a stand and we had those too.

Our ride by cab to the busstop was 20 minutes. Our cabdriver became impatient with the traffic so he drove through the park. Yes, he drove on a walking path through the park. The strange part is that pedestrians acted like it was just a normal walk in the park.

This trip was last minute. Our hosts in cherkassy did not have ample time to prepare so they will be staying with us. I hope they have perogie leftovers. Cindy hopes not. There will be 5 of us sleeping there 2nite.

Nothing else for now.

Thanks to Chris for ordering computer parts and mailing them to us. Lena has been waiting for this repair for quite sometime and it will be nice to help her for a change.

Lasha, I havn't met any Lesyas yet but I did meet someone who could pass as your twin today.

Lastly, it is official. My Ukrainian is useless. I am better off pointing and shrugging like all the other foreigners do.

I havn't a spell check on this phone so apologies for the spelling (and grammar).



Mike said...

Isselbacher -

What a crazy adventure! Perogies, hotdog-doughnuts, and old-tire planters... Ahh the mother land =)

Anyway, my prayers are with you guys and I can't wait to hear what's next in this saga! Take care and let me know if you need anything from the States!

- Mike

I have to admit that I'm quite impressed with your story telling. Especially since you're doing most of it via a cell-phone. I'm gonna drop off an application for you at the North County Times while you're gone...

Marla said...

It's 7 am your time (9 pm our time on Fri night). Alissa and I are drunk blogging. We are wondering why you haven't written yet today?? We need our fix!! I think we need to contact "bloggers anonymous"

Anonymous said...


Sounds like your version of the adventures of Baron Munchhausen! Are you sure you not on some beach in tahiti make this all up...

p.s. It's nice to hear things are going well and save returns.