Thursday, August 23, 2007

neverending back and forth

Back to cherkassy. This time with a previous driver who is less kamikazee than the others.

Vosya is laying asleep between cindy and I right now. Considering the driver refused to use the air conditioning it is amazing he can sleep. We may need to get a summer heater for him so he feels at home.

He is doing great and the results were all great. In fact they were better than anyone expected. When we got to the hospital today he was being chased by a pack of older girls. I can't believe he has already assummed my magnatism! They were especially ammussed when he ran into the bathroom and proceeded to go #1 by himself with the door open and his underwear around his ankles. We may have to do something about his habit of waving goodbye to his business with a hand in the toilet.

He was so excited to leave that he forgot to say goodbye to the nurses and doctors. He went running by on his way to the taxi outside. They followed him out. He realized his haste and came back to say "speciba" and "de pobachima" to them all. We wrote down the address and will send pictures.

One of the nurses pulled us aside before we left and showed us a tupperware catalogue. We couldn't understand what she wanted so I offered to buy some tupperware off of her. Eventually we called our translator and she explained. It was a little embarassing since I offerred to buy some from her but all she wanted to know was if "tupperware" was a good brand and if the prices were decent compared to the US.

Kim also left this morning. We arranged for the driver to pick her up at 8:30 for her noon flight. She realized her flight was at 2:30. The driver was nice enough to agree to drive her at the same time we were leaving from the hospital. It is good to see we aren't the only ones who are disorganized.

I was talking to my sister Chris yesterday. We talked about us possibly travelling to canada at christmas which may be aggressive. She said if that doesn't work that she'd come to san diego. So that is something to look forward to. either way it will be great to have Vos meet his cousins. My mom and aunt both tell me he looks like my cousin's son Nicholas which is cool. He will fit in perfect with the extended family!

Did I ever mention that my sister Chris is the coolest?

By the way Marla, thanks for the support. Guess who went back to the toy store and exchanged the stroller this morning? It wasn't as bad as I built it up to be. They knew who we were as soon as we walked in and automatically assummed what we wanted. It was even more helpful that I had to exchange a belt for cindy yesterday 5 minutes after she bought it!

Lastly, I am trying your advice today Mom and it seems like it is helping!



Marla said...

Zen- You have been married long enough to know that it is a wife's perogative to change her mind :-) Still with Cyndi on this one . . .heehee
Thanks for the pictures. You guys have a beautiful family!

Alissa said...

i second that marla! can't win, and cyndi, when you get back, lets go buy everything we can at nordstrom and then exchange it all the next day! whooo hoooo!!

Lasha said...

Zen/Cindy...Jim and I have decided to go to Las Vegas for a week for our anniversary in February. We're going to rent a car and come and see you guys! I can't wait to see Vos!