Monday, August 27, 2007


The weather has cooled quite a bit and we are enjoying our time much more.

Same routine. Up at 7. Orphanage at 10. Leave at noon. Downtown to pass the time. Back to orphanage at 4. Leave at 6. Back home.

Vosman is doing well. He is most definately treated like a prince around there. This makes parenting hard. The real deal starts on friday and we are preparing for it. Straight from the orphanage to the bathtub when we receive word from court that everything has been finalized.

From friday we anticipate 1 more week or so. Wish us luck.

I am running on fumes so the posts may be few from here on in.



Chris & Eric said...

YAY!!! The countdown begins until you can have Vos with you and start living as a Family. What an exciting week!!!
We love you Guys!!

The Auslands said...

Congratulations! I can't imagine how excited you both are. :) And I bet Vos is even MORE excited!!
Hope the days fly. Were you ever able to meet his brothers?

Lasha said...

Awesome news, Zen & Cindy! I'm wishing you smooth sailing from now on....

Greg said...

one cannot subsist on potatoes and vodka alone.