Saturday, August 18, 2007


Just to clarify, the songs I mentioned were high school favorites from 15 years ago but now popular here in Ukraine.

We are on the train now almost back to Kiev. It is Sunday morning. We are in 1st class. It feels like being on the titanic where in second class we were the people below deck with all the hard working salt of the earth types and now in first class we made it above deck. It really isn't much to speak of. Just clean, unpungent, and private. The contrast is what makes it special. ...and it helped that we had leana's ticket as well which ensured some stranger wasn't joining us in our small cabin.

Lviv was an amazing city. We stayed 1 night in the heart of the city at hotel george. Since leana did not join us we decided to only get 1 room which turned out to be perfect. The trouble was we disclosed 3 guests when we arrived which wasn't allowed in 1 room. we just smuggled kim in at night.

All we did was walk around and enjoy the architecture and culture. It seemed like we stopped at a cafe every hour for a cappucino. They were everywhere (cafes). The plan was to meet with victor the tour guide at 2. We did meet at 2 but he couldn't be free till 5. We decided we were too tired and passed on a tour which was unfortunate since he was leaving town on saturday. After a dinner of perogies( didn't have enough energy to find the georgian place) we crashed back at the hotel at 7. We didn't get up the next morning until 8.

After the nice european continental breakfast (cindy corrected the entire english spelling version of the menu for them) we packed our bags and left them with the doorman, zenon. Yep, another zenon. We got some pictures with him. He was excited to meet another zenon as well (leana disclosed that she has never heard the name before just to give you an idea of how rare it may be).

We wandered around lviv again all day. Churches and more churches. You can just feel the history through the cobblestone streets and sparse but present seemingly wartorn buildings. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to lviv and I am sure we will to visit the outer villages where my grandparents on my father's side are from. Lviv is probably my favorite city now.

We found the georgian restaurant that day and it was worth the walk. Since there was no english translations we ended up with some interesting things. Just when we thought we were done and were full they brought out a huge platter of meat. Too much.


Now it is 1:30 and we are on our way back to the bus to go back to cherkassy for court tommorow. We will stand in front of the judge and we will start the legal court process. From tommorow it is 10 days for it to be completed in ukraine. Progress!

We left Vosya at the hospital a few hours ago. He is doing great and we had a good time with him. He is trying hid best at english but it is probably too soon for him to understand what he is saying. Apparently he took over the caregiver's toothbrush and she hasn't had one for the past 3 days. It is good that he realizes the importance of good teeth.

I'd venture to guess that most of the adventure is over and it will be mostly business from here on in. Business and getting to know Vosya who can leave the hospital on wednesday we are told. But then again maybe the adventure is just starting.



Alissa said...

Ah Zenon! Finally, your day in court will not be about your felonies! You were lucky the jury ruled in your favor in your last trial!

Also, Cliff is quite disappointed that you have not posted pics of the bathrooms yet......

Zenon and Cindy said...

If you weren't there on the jury Alissa I don't what I would've done.

I have the picture and int access later today. Look out cliff!

Lasha said...

HI GUYS!!! Jim and I have been out in the wilderness of Tobermory for the past week, so I'm just getting caught up with all your news. Jim and I are SO HAPPY for you guys! And Vos is the most gorgeous little boy ever!! We have him as our screen saver, too! Can't wait to meet him!
I think it's HILARIOUS that you heard "Scatman" on the radio!!!
We're wishing you both so much love!!

Zenon and Cindy said...

Did we mention the owner of the apt is named Lesya?

Thanks Lash!

Lasha said...

Lesya is the best name in the world. And every Lesya I've known is blessed with intelligence, wit and incredible good-looks. So you're in good hands. *wink*
Love you.

Joanne said...

It's about the English grammar in these blogs. Hard to understand if your're an English student.
GOOD LUCK TODAY GUYS. I'm sure it will be easy for you. Keep the envelopes handy. Are judges above receiving gifts? Soon Vos will be ours. Cheers. Joanne